Monday, July 1, 2013

Robert's Baptism

Hello everyone! It was another great week. On Thursday we had Robert's baptismal interview with our district leader and he passed with flying colors! He also had to be interviewed by president Mehr on the phone because of something in his past. President Mehr was very impressed with his testimony.
On Saturday we had his baptism and I had to give a talk on the Holy Ghost and Elder Fauchier baptized Robert. It was a very nice service and you could definitley see a difference in Robert. On Sunday I did the confirmation which was my first! Elder Fauchier tried to make a cake for Robert to celebrate but he drenched it in sweetened condensed milk and carmel. We told Robert we had a surprise and we brought it to him Sunday night. It was a fail... No one could eat it. Robert said "This indeed was a surprise..." haha
Roger also came to church and has a baptismal date for the 12th. He has his doubts but he thinks he will be ready by that day. Today we are going to watch the rest of the Book of Mormon cartoons with him and make tacos! And Elder Fauchier got another wonderful idea of something to cook... Cow tongue! He has it cooked up and ready to put in our tacos... I have a picture but I will spare you.
Also we got to see a Hindu wedding! It was pretty cool but there is so many rituals it takes forever so we just ate and left. One guy said they make their weddings so long so they will never want to do it again.
Love you guys.
-Elder Hale

We found this guy on the side of the road

Robert Hamilton's baptism

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