Monday, June 24, 2013

Fauchier's Fault

Well this week was very eventful! It all started Monday.. Elder Fauchier and I went to our lesson with Robert and in the middle of the lesson Fauchier got my attention and I saw he wrote on his notebook "I think I left stove on at home!" "We need to make this lesson fast!" We were more than a mile away from home so we started running. Elder Fauchier asked some complete strangers for a ride and they said yes. We were lucky they did.. When we opened our door the apartment was completely filled with smoke! The pot on the stove had even melted.. Some neighbors were outside wondering where all the smoke came from. Elder Fauchier made me promise not to tell any of the missionaries but when we walked into district meeting everyone smelt the smoke from our clothes! haha. But everything was ok except it still smells like smoke in our apartment.

We met some really nice bums that live in a graveyard. They have actually built forts over peoples graves and that's where they live! One of the bums was from the deep south and seemed very educated. It was really something to hear that accent here in Trinidad. "My name's Earl Patrick!"
Saturdays' story is Bro Mohan chopped of a piece of his thumb while cutting mangoes. He said it was Fauchier's fault because he was thinking of him. haha.

On Sunday we had Roger, Jane, and Robert at church. It was really awesome! Robert is definitely ready to be baptized Saturday. He came to the broadcast that evening. Everything was going well then all the sudden he broke out into a seizure and we helped him go down lightly to the ground. It seemed like seconds and we already had the spoon in his mouth and a wet clothe on his head. The seizure only lasted about a minute and then he snapped out of it. I felt really bad because he seemed embarrassed and a little down. We gave him a blessing then took him straight home.

So that was this week in a nutshell. Everything is going great. Love you guys!


Elder Hale


the incident.

beans taste burnt

Mohan's finger

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Book of Mormon Cartoons + Pizza

Hello folks! This week was good and it went by extremely fast. We have seen some great things happen. Our investigator Jane left her job that had her working every other Sunday so she will be much more prepared for her baptismal date on July 6th. Robert is a member referral from our missionary month of May. Apparently a member talked to him on the street and now he has come to church twice and he has a date for the 29th. We were very proud he came this week because he usually works on Sundays and he came in the pouring rain. He has a great desire. He has gotten along great with all the members of the church.
Roger is still going good. We wshowed him the Book of Mormon cartoons and he loves them. He quotes them now just like Tj used to all the time. It's awesome.
Besides that we met and taught a few new people so we will see how they progress. We are currently teaching Antonia's son Nikolas and she is so happy. She is giving her first talk in church this month and she is so nervous so we are helping her prepare it. She tried to share it with us but she can't read one line without breaking into tears. It's a little sad but funny.
Today for pday we are watching all the book of mormon cartoons and ordering a pizza. It's gonna be great.  
Happy Father's Day Dad!!! And also to all fathers! And congrats on the mission call Brock! I knew you were gonna speak spanish!
Love you guys!
Love, Elder Hale

This member is my new best friend.

Like riding a bike...

Did you know you can buy a full baby shark for 25tt? That's about 4 U.S. dollars!

Introducing the new ward mission leader!!!! Bro. Richardson!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Heavenly Father's Police Men!

This week was pretty awesome. Too many adventures to tell you. I saw a lot of cool stuff like Mount st. benedict at night. We did a lesson with Roger up there and the breeze was cool. I also went on a tradeoff to port of spain. It's amazing how fast concrete jungle turns into jungle jungle. These people are crazy walking up and down these mountains everyday.
As you saw in the pictures we introduced s'mores to our trini friends. I think that is something i will have to do in every area I go. And fyi I am staying in curepe as predicted. We gotta finish elder fauchier's training and baptize the rest of these investigators before I leave! Michael is going to be baptized on the 22nd now because bishop thinks he needs more time. I'm not worried about it he's a real humble guy. We started teaching bro mohan's sister in law and the lessons went pretty good. She is from Dominica. She came to church on Sunday and absolutely loved it. She clapped after a few of the testimonies that were given. haha. In our Sunday school class she bore her testimony and said "This is my church from now on!" Roger is a really fun investigator to teach because he is a real challenge. He asks a lot of questions but for good reasons. He has never been a super religious guy so putting his faith in the book of mormon has been hard. But he is doing all that we ask read, pray, and yesterday he went to church in Arima. We are making good progress with him.
Here's one of my funny moments of the week. We were with Bro Mohan and he decided we should visit this less active man bro Reuben. When we got there he called into his house and Bro Reuben was sleeping. But he woke up and said "Who is it?" Bro Mohan yelled "It's Heavenly Father's police men!" Except he says father like fada. It was wonderful.
Have a great week.
Love, Elder Hale

my artistic pic from st benedict 
tres amigos!

port of spain

any idea what this thing is?

B.O.M. bedtime stories

Kyle's Baptism

It was another great week in Curepe! We had Kyle's baptism and there was a good turn out and alot of support from the members. Antonia was very happy. And of course Kyle was feeling warm and fuzzy.
Our investigator Michael came to church but we decided to push his baptism back another week. We have to make sure he is actually ready. He comes to church and hits on all the girls including the sister missionaries. He was really sad when we told him we have to push it back so that is a good sign.
We had an awesome investigator named Alonda come to church and love it. There was great speakers and the ward was very kind to her. We are helping her move out of her house tomorrow.
We had an amazing zone conference. I had to sing, teach, and lead the music. It all went good! President Mehr is a very inspired man. And the food was just as inspiring. I got to meet up with my old buddy Elder Christ from the mtc. I hadn't seen him since the 1st day in Trinidad.
This transfer went amazingly fast. I think I will be staying here in Curepe cause we are doing really well.
Have a great week!
Love, Elder Hale

Caura River

water fight!

Pizza Hut with Mohan

Kyle's baptism

Kyle and Michael

Hello everyone! This week was great we had our two investigators with baptismal dates at church. That is Kyle (Antonia's son) and Michael. Kyle will be baptized this Saturday and Michael is on track for June 1st. We just have some really cool people we are working with.
Roger has been taught by missionaries in the past but it didn't go so great. He asks a lot of tough questions but he has good intentions. We have taken the time to answer all his questions and he now understands how the atonement works and also the plan of salvation. He is already sad that we will be leaving one day.
We also had our fireside this week and it went great. Elder Fauchier and I taught the members the purpose of missionary work. Now I have to teach and sing at zone conference. It's possible I might play guitar too. That's on Wednesday.
Elder Fauchier and I went to this steel pan yard and taught this guy and he let us play all the pans. It is super fun. We also had a sweet lesson with him. It was great to talk to you all on mother's day! My one year mark is approaching people!!!
Have a great week!!!
Love, Elder Hale

The Mohan


happy bday to me!

chillin in my bamboo tree with bro mohan and elder fauchier 

roger took us to the bamboo cathedral!