Monday, July 30, 2012

All is well in Sangre Grande

Well this week went by super fast. We did a lot of service and it's been hard to catch up on sleep. I learned how to mix cement and plaster walls. So right now my back really hurts...

On Sunday we had no investigators at church! I counted over ten that I thought were for sure coming. We had success finding people and taught some really good lessons, but somehow it was not enough. Roger and Kandis have moved again and they can't even afford to come to church. But they are still going to try to.

One thing I noticed about this place is every neighborhood has it's own theme. Like the people are the same... One street we went down there was probably five different nasty girls that wanted to know if we were looking for wives. One lady was like 50! Another street everyone had totally racist views. This guy said that Jesus Christ died for us not the Africans. That's why you don't see any African names in the bible! So basically he somehow made the connection that he cannot sin. And on this other street I will just say everyone there had a very dirty mind.

It was cool the other day I heard the sound of some blues guitar licks. So my companion and I followed the sound and found this guy playin a nice les paul on his front porch. We talked for awhile and invited me back for a jam session. I would go if I could, but he said he doesn't talk about religion.

Another guy was playing guitar on the street, so I played him a song. It made it so much easier to get his contact information. One day I want to coordinate something were I could play some hymns or something to proselyte.

Another thing to note is today I shaved my head! I only did a number 4 though. It feels nice. I'm gonna try to figure out something so I can send pictures. I might just have to go get them printed or something.

But all is well here in Sangre Grande. This is the last week of the transfer and they are gonna move two new missionaries into our apartment. Anyways love you guys - Elder Hale

p.s. Mom can you send me AA batteries?

And for anyone that does not have my address here it is:

Elder Skyler Lee Hale
West indies mission
po bag 543
Valsayn Trinidad
Trinidad and Tobago

Monday, July 23, 2012

Week 4: "things are going good"

So this week went by pretty fast! I am really bummed right now though because something is not working with this computer and reading the memory card so I can't send pics again! Sorry about that I will keep trying... 

So this week I went to Arima again and met some interesting people. There was this muslim guy that was trying to convince us we know nothing. So I have a Qur'an now. haha but I can't read it, there's no time for that crap. The guy was crazy though. He said they are planning to attack the government because they are trying to pass gay marriage. He said they have their guns ready. This already happened a few years ago in Trinidad. I guess the muslims killed a bunch of people. 

No investigators showed up to church this week. Except Kerwin brought three of his nieces and nephews. I was expecting like 5 at church or more. One cool thing this week was teaching Roger at his home in the bush. It was night time and all we had was a lamp for light. His shack (or home) is the size of Brock's room. It's exactly like the beginning of the pirates of the Caribbean ride. There is river with gators close and there is these bugs that light up called lightning bugs. It made for a nice environment. It was pretty much camping. Roger loves the Book of Mormon more every time we talk. He says it's really given him comfort about getting married as he and Kandis have read together. I can see a difference in their countenance.

So today I went to the medical center to get a physical so I can stay in Trinidad. Apparently I have a bladder infection... But I have not noticed anything abnormal. 

But things are going good it's almost the end of the first transfer! I have had a lot of roti already. We did service for this lady who is building a dance studio. We are digging on a slope to make it. It was hard work but she fed us the most amazing indian food! These people are obsessed with food it's great. Tonight I am getting roti again!

But I love you all I gotta go!

Love, Elder Hale 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Kerwin's Baptism

Well this week was awesome! Kerwin's baptism was a success! I would send pictures, but I am at an internet cafe in grande, which does not allow me to hook up my camera. Next time! But Kerwin's mother and niece came to the baptism and now want to take the discussions. We already visited his mom and she needs to be married to get baptized, but she has the desire. Kerwin is a very quiet guy, but he bore his testimony. It was amazing to hear him talk! He said this has been a glorious and joyful experience. Haha. He then gave us mangoes as a thank you.

Earlier this week elder Carpenter had leadership training so I had to go be with some elders in Arima. The very first day we called inside this house and this 17 year old girl came out. She said her mother is baptist and won't let her attend any churches. She has been praying that someone would come to show her what church to join. I was like Yessss! Everything we taught her just clicked and she was smiling the whole time. Now she is just praying that she can find a way to get to church without her mother interfering.

Another lady we met was an old investigator. Elder Carpenter had to drop her because she wasn't coming to church. She still had been keeping the Word of Wisdom for 3 months and yesterday we went over and she had drank tea that day! She said "Why did you have to come today!" We committed her to lots of things and she is back on track.

Also Happy birthday to Mason! Is it your Michael Jordan birthday? 23 I believe. Anyways I gotta go and write president. I love you guys and thanks for all the emails! Love, Skyler

Snacks are appreciated...

Monday, July 9, 2012

Sangre Grande Week 2

So this week went good! We are having a baptism for a 17 year old named Kerwin next week. He says he feels happy and joyful reading the Book of Mormon. He comes to every church activity! We also have Kandis and Roger. They committed for aug. 4th. Elder Carpenter has been working with them since March! They could not be baptized because they live together with their son Kyle and Roger smokes. But they are getting married next week and Roger said he's done smoking. He loves the gospel and the Book of Mormon. He tries to share it with his friends at work but they criticize him. He doesn't care, he loves it!

Church is pretty funny. The organist looks at the music with huge eyes like Chris Tucker from Rush Hour! She is so scared to make mistakes! They use this little Yamaha keyboard that sounds puny. These people are terrible at singing. I know when I get home I will appreciate the hymns in our ward so much more. Elder Carpenter and I have to tell everyone what to do. None of the teachers show up so we have to fill in spots and assign people stuff. I had to tie the 1st counselors tie for him! haha!

This place is growing on me though. It's very ugly and there is a lot of bums and crime. But it's awesome this lady has every kind of fruit in her backyard. Banana, apple, cherry, orange, coconut, avocado, mango, etc.. We are having a lot of success with the youth. They are not as hard-headed as the adults. They will come to church and stuff. People do not want to hear anything we have to say. Once we start convincing them they say no more! I already accepted Jesus Christ! They don't have to come to church because Jesus knows their heart. haha. But we are also finding humble people to teach and things are going well. Take care!

Love, Skyler

Monday, July 2, 2012

Sangre Grande

Hey everyone!

So I'm am in Trinidad not Grenada! They just put that I was going to Grenada so I could get past immigration. Immigration was ridiculous! The guy called me a liar and stuff. haha. But the area I'm in is called Sangre Grande. It's not quite the beautiful place like the islands are. But the people are cool. They all say I remind them of a movie star or that they love my eyes. They are straightforward. My comp is cool. He's from Utah, of course, and he's been here for about a year. We are preparing a few people for baptism. I think for sure we will have two by the end of this month, but I'm hoping for more. This area has been struggling. They lost 60 members and are down to about 40. The members they got are strong though. They blow my mind when they speak. I have eaten a lot of Indian food. Many people are very nice and will start cooking for you on the spot.

I have some pictures I will post. They have some interesting homes here. Our place is pretty big, but there is no A/C, just fans. But I'm getting used to missionary work. The humidity here is crazy! Most people just walk around without a shirt on. I figure I got to pay my dues in this area before I go to the beautiful islands. A couple people in my district from the mtc went to Suriname to speak Dutch! They are all freaked out!

We have about 8 people that have said they will prepare for baptism this month. But only two came to church!  They will come around.. But it's good to hear from all of you! I'm doin great!

 Love, Skyler

"The rosta guy told me his name is nigga"

Some pics from the MTC: