Monday, April 29, 2013

Elder "For Sure"

Goodbye Elder Reyes

Hey everyone! This week has been awesome. Elder Fauchier is a great missionary it doesn't really feel like I am training. He is from Tracy California and you say his name like "for sure" There has already been plenty jokes with that name.

As you can see from the pictures we took a hike up a mountain in pouring rain to meet this guy named Michael. It was really fun to go through jungle and then teach someone in what seemed like an empty jail cell. Michael had lots of very basic questions.. "How did the earth get here?" "Is Jesus Christ still alive?" He got super excited when he found out there is life after death. Haha! He came to church on Sunday and absolutley loved it. He wants to come every week. He also loved the girls in the church...

We had many great lessons with our investigators and met a lot of great people the Lord seems to have prepared for us. My favorite member in the world (Bro Mohan) got called as the 1st counselor in the Elders quorum. He overcame drugs and all sorts of things to be baptized in September. He is the funniest fellow I have ever met. He really needs a tv show about him and this other member Bro Bocas. It would be a hit! But I really love all these people here. We are well fed and entertained. Yesterday a less active member named Bro Reuben broke the Sabbath to bring us chinese food. It was very nice although I got scared because it was supposed to be chicken but It looked like it could be dog! Anyways that's another story...

Love you guys!

Love, Elder Hale

Hello Elder Fauchier "for sure"

Took a hike in the rain to meet an investigator named Michael

Hindu prayers... stuffed like a turkey

Monday, April 22, 2013

Antonia's Baptism

Antonia's Baptism!
Well this week was amazing! Elder Cornish from the quorom of the seventy came to visit us on Friday. He had a Q and A where we could ask any question we wanted. We talked about a lot of very interesting things. If you want awesome details just ask(: He is an amazing man. President Gamiette was the mission president when I came in and now is an area 70 for the Carribean.
We got our transfer calls and I am staying in Curepe training a new missionary. It's exactly what I wanted. Elder Reyes is going to train in Couva Trinidad.
On Saturday we had Antonia's baptism. It went really well. She definitely has a brightness in her countenance. And now she says her son Kyle wants to take the discussions and be baptized. This transfer has just flown by. Elder Reyes and I accomplished our goal to blank the area and baptize! It definitely feels good to see how much this area has progressed.
Elder Hale

Bro Mohan and Elder Barsianas

Sookhan Family

Monday, April 15, 2013

Miracles Every Day

Good day my friends. We had a great week. Antonia and Corey Alfred came to church and it was a great testimony meeting. Antonia had an interview with the Bishop about her baptism this Saturday. We are really excited for her. I really knew the Lord would bless me coming to this area even though we had to start all over. I could just feel it. And the way we met Antonia is just a miracle. We were at Curepe Junction which is a busy place where it is not good to try to talk to people. We had no appointments to go to so we just planned to talk to people. Elder Reyes kept telling me "Why are we just standing here?" "Let's go." But for some reason I just stood there and kept looking for someone to talk to. Finally Antonia's son parked by us with her in the back seat. She was clearly staring at us. And finally she asked about the Restoration tract in my hand. I explained it very simply and set up an appoinment for the next day. She later told us how she just felt strongly prompted to talk to us and after they drove away she started crying. Her son thought she was crazy! But every lesson with her has just been smooth and she has felt the spirit everytime we come.
The West Indies mission set a goal for 50 baptisms a few months back when we were getting about 16 a month. But President Mehr was sure we could achieve 50. Last month we had 43 baptisms and this weekend we have 32 planned baptisms!!! I know the Lord is directing this work and preparing His children. So this is already the last week of this transfer. This was definitely the fastest of my mission. I think I will either be training, leaving Trinidad, or both! But I would love to stay here this area is doing great. I see miracles every day as we exhaust ourself in the work of the Lord.
Love you guys!
-Elder Hale

Monday, April 8, 2013

"The Savior Wants to Forgive"

Another one of Elder Hale's favorite talks from conference:

Conference Week

Hi! Happy 10 months to me!!! Time is flying! How did everyone enjoy general conference? I thought it was fantastic. My favorites was Craig Cardon and Jeffrey R. Holland of course. What was yours? We had a few investigators come and see. Antonia came to the Sunday morning session and really enjoyed it. She is working to be baptized for the 20th. I have been amazed as we have been teaching her how ready she is. She already lives her life by the word of wisdom and all the commandments for that matter. She has never really been a part of any church and as a result her beliefs corrupted by the sleight of man. Instead, her beliefs have just been confirmed by our teachings. She has obviously learned from the spirit her whole life. I honestly believe everyone has these teachings embedded within their hearts. Any honest seeker of truth without bias will find their beliefs align with our teachings. Example: Rajan who we are teaching is so humble and has felt the truth of what we teach. But at the same time he has had it ingrained into his head since he was a boy that changing your religion is disrespecting your parents. They also have the mentality that if I was born a Hindu then that is what God wants me to be. So his humility has helped him feel the truth but he is terrified of his father. We also have this skeptical man named Kirk and he came to Priesthood session. I'll find out if he liked it when we see him this week. Not much else happened this week. Just ready to finish the last two weeks of the transfer strong! Have an amazing week everyone!

 Love, Elder Hale

"Lord, I Believe" by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Week 3

 Good day mate! (I'm talking like my comp.) This week has been wonderful. There was an awesome play put on by the church that really surprised me. It was called "Savior of the World" I saw Kerwyn there and learned he is working on his mission papers. I also learned Sis Val who I taught in Grande and who got baptized recently referred the missionaries to another family of six. And now that family is being baptized soon. It's amazing to see how one person being baptized will affect so many in the future.
We are also teaching Bro Sookhan's brother Rajan. Rajan is 52 and was in a car accident 26 years ago that has left him disabled. He has a Hindu background but has really been open to our teachings. He said a very powerful prayer in our last lesson and ended it in the name of Jesus Christ. He really desires to be baptized. He will be at the church to watch conference on Sunday.
We brought the Kotiah family to teach Antonia and we had an awesome lesson. We talked about repentance and she had a huge breakdown. She is such a nice old lady in her early 60's but I can tell she has been carrying around burdens from her past and it all came out. But she came to the play and really enjoyed it. Then she came to church the next day and enjoyed that as well. Another success we had was getting another less active named Reuben to come to church. The sisters asked "How did you get Reuben to come to church?" "We tried so hard!" But he really loves our company.
So that was this week my friends. Have an awesome week! Cheers!
Love, Elder Hale

Me lookin good in my new authentic indian kurta