Monday, October 28, 2013


Week Three

Hey everyone! Sorry I don't got too much time this week. But to get to the point this week has been great. We planned a big fast for November and I was able to speak in Sacrament meeting about it yesterday. I think it was the first time I didn't use notes for a talk and it went great. The members are really on board and I think we are going to see many miracles in the month of November. 

On Saturday we met a girl named Melissa as we were looking for a less active member. She simply pointed us in the right direction and we invited her to church. She said "Ok I'll be there." To our surprise she actually came and loved every second of it. She is golden my friends! She was asking questions about how she can fast and she learned a lot in the gospel doctrine class. We went over last night and taught the restoration and she accepted baptism. She always asked us if she can come teaching with us once she learns a bit more. I was just sitting there with my jaw dropped. So was Winston our YSA member we brought with us to teach. But I think his jaw was dropped for another reason... haha. I know the Lord is blessing us richly for our hard work and this has been some of the greatest weeks of my mission. The Lord has answered my prayers in many ways and has comforted me in my times of difficulty. He has provided success in the most unexpected ways and I have learned a lot about submitting myself to His will. 

Thank you family for writing me about the wonderful get together you have all had due to Brock's farewell. I love you all and I wish I could've been there. Sunday hang outs with the family was always the best! I am happy for Brock and I would encourage you all to give him all the support you can as he will make some drastic adjustments. Then as time goes on you let him down easy... Just kidding!! Speaking of which I should write him something right now. I love you all.


Elder Hale

Aden (President Kirton's boy)

The Mingo Brothers (Nigel and Winston)

Monday, October 21, 2013

No Mundane Moment

Week 2

Dear everyone,

This week has been great. We have found so many new less active families and gained a lot of teaching opportunities. At the beginning of my mission I think I only focused on the success I had with investigators but now I realize I should really be happy with the success of the members even when no investigators come to church. That was the case this week and as I was about to feel a little down I realized that we got 12 people to church that haven't been there in forever. Some a few months of missing and others years. And they all had a really good experience at church. Our hard work really paid off this week. And I'm not really worried about our investigator situation we are finding many who are progressing well.

Elder Tillotson and I are planning a big fast for the whole branch in November for the purpose of missionary work. We made a newsletter and gave it to all the members inviting them to join us in a unified fast. The President Kirton read it in announcements and one of us will be speaking on it in sacrament next week. This area is about to explode I can feel it in the air! Every day has been such a journey finding people no moment has been mundane. Even going door to door has been a joy because of the peace in the villages it feels like you are camping. The villages here feel a lot like scout camp for some reason.

We had a lesson at a YSA (young single adult) activity that was held at a less active young man's house. The idea was to be able to teach his mother who is not a member. But it went really good and it was very interesting to see a YSA activity in Guyana. A little awkward to be there too..

Well hope you all have a great week!


Elder Hale

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Elder Hale's Bad Haircut

Week 1

Dear everyone,

It's been a crazy week! My brain hurts just trying to think of everything that happened... Firstly, my comp left last Tuesday and I spent a few days in an area called Canje. I had a terrible misunderstanding at this barber shop. I wanted a normal hair cut. I explained to the African man "Short on the sides and a trim on top." He pointed to his menu of hair cuts and pointed to this ridiculous afro hair cut and said "Like that one?" I jokingly said "Oh yea!" (knowing that haircut was not even possible for me because I have no afro!) Well long story short he tried to give me that haircut and I seriously didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Hahaha. He got his razor out and did the side burns and the whole shabang! He did the first side while I was looking in the mirror so I didn't know what he was doing. He went past the point of no return and then asked me "Is this going to be ok with you..) I literally laughed out loud. Anyways I ended up getting lots of compliments from the locals which was kinda weird. 

To add to the stress of the bad hair cut we had zone conference on Monday. Luckily my faith was able to push my hairs out faster. But Zone conference was amazing President Mehr is the best mission president ever. He'll make you laugh, cry, and be super motivated all at once! 

On Tuesday I had to go to Suriname to renew my visa. It's strange you just take a 30 minute ferry to Suriname and everyone is speaking dutch. I was happy to get back from that trip and start working again.

 I am really excited to work with Elder Tillotson this transfer we are doing great. We have found many lost sheep already and had great lessons with them. We help them remember how they felt when the first missionaries came and taught them the gospel for the first time. They always have stories of all the games and fun stuff they would do. But it's really a lot of fun to meet all these people and help them come back. I love it!

You all take care now! And be safe(:


Elder Hale

President & Sister Mehr

Monday, October 7, 2013

56 baptisms!

Transfer 11

Well the mission had a successful month in September! 56 baptisms! President Mehr had set the goal of 50 baptisms when he first came in and that was when we were hitting around 20 to 25. As we invited all the members to fast with us the numbers have just sky rocketed in every area. The Lord is blessing us with people who are ready to receive the fulness of His gospel. 

This week Elder Parisot was terribly sick so we stayed inside a few days. We got our transfer calls and Elder P. is going to Barbados to the area he started his mission. That is where he will finish his mission so he is super excited. I am staying in New Amsterdam and serving with Elder Tillotson. He was in my district when I started my mission in Trinidad so I know him pretty well. He is a cool guy we should work great together. And yes he's from Utah.. Only my second companion from Utah actually.. 

I loved General Conference. We went and woke up Bro Frazer on Saturday morning to get him to come. After the first session he drove us to Mario's pizza and we bought for him and Bro Andrew. It was so funny he stuffed himself til it looked like he was gonna pass out! As he slouched in his chair he said loud and clear "Thank you Father God for this pizza..And for the ice cream that was promised that I have not yet received!" We were like "Brother Frazier do you want some ice cream?" He shook his head yes. haha. The people didn't have anymore ice cream but it was a good thing because he probably would of killed himself. He's 70 years old and he's got diabetes. 

That was pretty much it this week. You all have a wonderful week!


Elder Hale

pizza with Uncle B and Bro. Andrew