Monday, October 7, 2013

56 baptisms!

Transfer 11

Well the mission had a successful month in September! 56 baptisms! President Mehr had set the goal of 50 baptisms when he first came in and that was when we were hitting around 20 to 25. As we invited all the members to fast with us the numbers have just sky rocketed in every area. The Lord is blessing us with people who are ready to receive the fulness of His gospel. 

This week Elder Parisot was terribly sick so we stayed inside a few days. We got our transfer calls and Elder P. is going to Barbados to the area he started his mission. That is where he will finish his mission so he is super excited. I am staying in New Amsterdam and serving with Elder Tillotson. He was in my district when I started my mission in Trinidad so I know him pretty well. He is a cool guy we should work great together. And yes he's from Utah.. Only my second companion from Utah actually.. 

I loved General Conference. We went and woke up Bro Frazer on Saturday morning to get him to come. After the first session he drove us to Mario's pizza and we bought for him and Bro Andrew. It was so funny he stuffed himself til it looked like he was gonna pass out! As he slouched in his chair he said loud and clear "Thank you Father God for this pizza..And for the ice cream that was promised that I have not yet received!" We were like "Brother Frazier do you want some ice cream?" He shook his head yes. haha. The people didn't have anymore ice cream but it was a good thing because he probably would of killed himself. He's 70 years old and he's got diabetes. 

That was pretty much it this week. You all have a wonderful week!


Elder Hale

pizza with Uncle B and Bro. Andrew

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  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!! What a beautiful experience for Elder Hale and my son Elder Parisot. I can hear the boys laughing now over that wonderful Brother Frazier. Thank you for sharing.