Monday, October 21, 2013

No Mundane Moment

Week 2

Dear everyone,

This week has been great. We have found so many new less active families and gained a lot of teaching opportunities. At the beginning of my mission I think I only focused on the success I had with investigators but now I realize I should really be happy with the success of the members even when no investigators come to church. That was the case this week and as I was about to feel a little down I realized that we got 12 people to church that haven't been there in forever. Some a few months of missing and others years. And they all had a really good experience at church. Our hard work really paid off this week. And I'm not really worried about our investigator situation we are finding many who are progressing well.

Elder Tillotson and I are planning a big fast for the whole branch in November for the purpose of missionary work. We made a newsletter and gave it to all the members inviting them to join us in a unified fast. The President Kirton read it in announcements and one of us will be speaking on it in sacrament next week. This area is about to explode I can feel it in the air! Every day has been such a journey finding people no moment has been mundane. Even going door to door has been a joy because of the peace in the villages it feels like you are camping. The villages here feel a lot like scout camp for some reason.

We had a lesson at a YSA (young single adult) activity that was held at a less active young man's house. The idea was to be able to teach his mother who is not a member. But it went really good and it was very interesting to see a YSA activity in Guyana. A little awkward to be there too..

Well hope you all have a great week!


Elder Hale

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