Monday, May 6, 2013

Missionary Month in Curepe

Mount St. Benedict

 Hello everyone! This week went quick.. It was really fun too. We got fed a lot again. We went to another Hindu Prayers as they call it and got fed off a bannana leaf. I could hardly walk after I ate all that food. It was perfect though because we started our fast afterwards.
 We met a couple interesting people and we are finding out which investigators are actually serious and which ones we gotta drop. But Antonia's son Kyle loved church/primary so I'm sure he will be baptized in a few weeks.
This is the missionary month of May in the Curepe ward. We gave restoration tracts and pass along/ referral cards to each member. They have a sheet that gives them objectives to complete each week. Then we are having a fireside on the 18th and a party for those that complete the objectives on June 1st. This week at church the seats were full! So the Curepe ward is doing great.
We had the opportunity to teach an investigator named Michael on top of Mount st. Benedict. We could most of the island from up there it was awesome.
Other than that I am learning a lot and having fun! The West Indies Mission is the BEST!!!
Elder Hale

Indian food on a banana leaf!

Bro. Mohan and the Gyro man!