Monday, June 25, 2012

Elder Hale Leaves for the West Indies TODAY!

Hey friends and fam,

Just letting you know that Elder Hale is heading on his long journey to the islands today! In fact, he's probably already at the Salt Lake airport getting ready to board his flight. Exciting!

Of course, this means no more writing him at the MTC. A lot of people have been asking me how to write Skyler while he is in the West Indies. The answer to that question is located on the right sidebar of this blog, under the section "Mail for Elder Hale."

But in case you still can't find it, here's the info:

LETTERS to the West Indies:
Elder Skyler Lee Hale
West Indies Mission
PO Bag 543
Trinidad and Tobago

PACKAGES to the West Indies:
Elder Skyler Lee Hale
West Indies Mission
1 Morequito Ave
Valpark Shopping Mall Plaza Bldg #10
Valsayn, Trinidad
Trinidad and Tobago
If it is too much work to buy stamps and envelopes, and haul your letter over to the post officegood news. DearElder will do it for you. Start an account on the site. Put down a deposit (the minimum is $10). Type up a letter. Click "Send." Each time you send a letter, the price of postage will be deducted from your deposit. Super easy.

Family members may email him at

Elder Hale really loves getting letters, so be sure to give him lots of love while he is serving in the West Indies.

Happy writing!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

MTC: Week 2

Hey everyone Im doin great! This week flew by for me compared to the first week. I got my flight plans and I'm leaving monday at 6am to Dallas, Miami, then Trinidad! Mom and Dad I'll be in Miami at 6pm so I don't know what time that is for you but that's when I'm calling. Aw just 6 more days and I'll be on the islands!

So overall the mtc experience has been good. Everyday gets a little better. Elder Casey, my companion, is from Pleasant View Utah. Our teaching gets better every time we teach. They have us teaching 2-3 investigators everyday. They could be members, but some are real investigators. I have gotten a lot more scripture savvy lately. I can always find at least one scripture that applies to the investigators needs. I was always afraid that in these 45 minute lessons I would stop having stuff to say, but we actually always go over time. We have so far gotten two investigators to committ to baptism. (They were our teachers) But they actually don't go easy on us!

I only get 30 minutes to write these emails so sorry I can't get everything in. But for a funny story... Today we were talking to these elders while we were walking and I totally ran into a pole! Everyone thought I was faking it but I totally split my eye open. So I went back to the room and slept off the pain. Also I am not allowed to send pictures here or else I would have told more stories. So when I get out to the West Indies I'll send all the pics from the mtc.

It's true what they say how missionaries get way excited for letters. At first I didn't care. But now there is so much anticipation walking to the mailbox. One elder was not getting any letters at all. So he decided every time that happens he has to bite a random person. I have a video of it. haha. Well I know I'm probably leaving you with a lot of unanswered questions but I promise I will have more time to write next week in the field! Love you guys.



Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sky's first email(s) from the MTC

To Mom:

So this week has been good. Everyday gets better. I'm learning a ton and every disscussion my companion and I teach gets better and better. I like everyone in my district. The teachers are really good. The food is ok. I eat a lot less actually. Most of it is pretty cheap tasting. But they have good wraps! That's awesome Tj and Tressa had their baby. I like my companion but sometimes he's really hard on himself. He cried after we gave a disscussion and our teacher who acted like an investigator said no. Haha I was like pull yourself together! I'm going to the temple today so I'm pretty excited about that. But I think I might have more time to write later today so we'll see. I love you. love skyler

To Dad:

Hey Dad! I think my toes fine but I'll keep a close eye. I haven't seen the blog Holli made me yet but I'll see if I can get access. I'm pretty used to the schedule and waking up at 6:30 has been no problem. I stay focused the whole time while others kind of screw around for hours during study time.  I want to see a picture of Tj and Tressa's baby. It's about time they had that thing. Tell Brock I said congrats on the baseball stuff. I have this guy in my district that kinda reminds me of Brock. He is way good at basketball and he's here instead of playing college ball. I also met this guy in Seth's district who pitched in the minors for the Yankees. He's had a few surgerys so he's hoping two years will help him heal. But you and mom will get a letter soon. I'll keep you guys updated. Love, Skyler

To Holli:

Hey! Yes I got your email! Did you get my letter yet? Yea I haven't seen the blog yet I really want to. I don't know if these computers will let me. But my letter answers the other questions. My first week has been pretty good. Everyday gets better it seems...and faster. Yes only two more weeks! I see seth green every day. Its awesome. His companion is like a weirdo though. My toe is fine too. I have played b-ball with no pain. I feel like learning so much everyday. Every discussion my companion and I teach gets better and better. I didn't get to do choir on Sunday cause we were eating dinner but I was going to. Hopefully next week. Im goin to the temple today so im pretty excited. Yea I know I'm making grammar errors but I'm writing everyone fast.. Anyways I love you. I talk to you soon! - Skyler

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

til we meet again

About an hour before Elder Hale entered the MTC, he sat down and played this one last song on the guitar...

God be with you till we meet again, 
By His counsels guide, uphold you, 
With His sheep securely fold you, 
God be with you till we meet again. 
Till we meet, till we meet, 
Till we meet at Jesus’ feet; 
Till we meet, till we meet, 
God be with you till we meet again.

Elder Hale goes to the MTC

Jacob and I had the privilege of picking up Elder Hale from the airport in Salt Lake City and dropping him off at the MTC (just around the corner from our house) the next day. We took him out to dinner and let him relax before his big debut as a missionary.

Dinner at Station 22

We ate dinner at a new restaurant in downtown Provo called Station 22. We decided to eat out on the patio and enjoy the cool evening air. Elder Hale ordered the "pig and cheese" sandwich, and loved it.

The next day Elder Hale slept in for (most likely) the last time in two years. He got all of his missionary stuff packed into the car, and we headed to the MTC... but not before getting some lunch.

For Elder Hale's last meal before entering the MTC, we took him to one of our favorite spots in Provo, Slab Pizza. And of course, he chose a Mountain Dew for his drink. Not gonna get any of that in the MTC!

brother + sister

Then it finally came. We drove Elder Hale to the MTC...

Sky puts on his missionary jacket. It's all really happening!

Sky was calm and collected as we helped him get his bags out of the car and met with his missionary "guide," though he seemed in disbelief that it all of this had finally come. In moments he would be in the MTCofficially a missionary.

Elder Hale's "guide" asks him a few questions before escorting him into the MTC.

Jacob gives him some final words of advice.

One final photo before Elder Hale leaves to be a real missionary.

And of course, this is where I lost my composure. Everything seemed pretty normal and calm until that last hug and goodbye. I felt bad because I knew that he already had to go through all the tears and goodbyes the day before at the airport, but I couldn't help it. As soon as the tears started welling in my eyes, he laughed at me and scolded, "Now don't start that!"

Jacob and I waved our final goodbyes as he turned and walked into the MTC with the rest of the new missionaries.

Bye Elder Hale!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sky says bye

It was hard to believe, but the time had finally come. Skyler had been set apart as an elder, and it was time for him to report at the Missionary Training Center in Provo, UT. It was time for his final goodbyes to family and friends in Mesa, AZ for the next two years.

Mom had to take one last "cool shot" of sky.

Sky says bye to the nieces and nephews. They're gonna miss Uncle Sky!

Sky and his friend/bandmate, Tj.
According to Sky, the airport was the hardest part. You can already see them getting teary-eyed!

the whole gang that came to see Elder Hale off at the Phoenix airport

It was a tearful goodbye, but we know that Elder Hale is off to do great things.