Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More Determined Than Ever

So the first week of the transfer is already done! We had a good week things are going well. We are back in contact with Roger and Kandis; they had moved far away and they're back! They are more determined than ever now. Rishi was gone all week and sadly missed church because he was working.

One investigator we have been working with is Carlos and his family. He owns a tool shop not far from our apartment and we visit him frequently. One thing that I always notice is that once you meet someone you start to run into them everywhere. I had never even seen Carlos before but after we met him we see him almost every day. Anyways, Carlos is really funny and somewhat Americanized. He lived in the U.S. for two years doing construction. He has three little girls who are way cute and fun. We have been having family home evening with them and they really enjoy it. They also came to church on Sunday. The only problem is Carlos thinks it's really boring so we will have to work with that.

Yesterday we had a bbq with Carlos and the coals would not stay on fire! Elder Gines almost killed us all when he slowly poured gasoline on the fire with a full gas can. The fire trailed up to the nozzle and lit his hand on fire! He miraculously blew out the fire on the nozzle and got the fire off his hand! So Carlos ended up using a stove to heat the coals on the grill. Then he welded some stuff together and made another grill to put the chicken. It was way too much work for a bbq but everything tasted amazing! Carlos owns a bunch of bouncy castles so the kids played on those.

But I love you guys keep writing your inspiring words and have a great week!

Love, Elder Hale

Monday, September 17, 2012

Transfer 3!

So transfer two is done and I got my transfer call! I'm staying in Grande along with everyone in the apartment! So it's not the most exciting transfer call but it's what I wanted. I got work to do here!

So Brandon's baptism went great! I baptized him and Elder Whitlock confirmed him. It was a great baptism, Kerwyn spoke! Haha he was so nervous but he really wanted to do it. And he looks angry in all the pictures I send because he said he doesn't smile for pictures. But he really is a happy person. I will send pics from the baptism probably next week.

So this week we were talking to Carlos who came to church with his family last week. He thinks Elder Whitlock and I don't get to do anything fun so he made us a deal. He said if we do one fun thing with him a week then he will come to church. Haha! He's like Tuesday we will go to the mall and play video games. We were like "How old are you man?" But on Saturday we went to his house, had pizza, and played spoons! It was really fun they have a really nice family.

Debbie (Kerwyn's sister) came to church yesterday and really enjoyed it. It was way more meaningful for her because she has been really studying the Book of Mormon. She has a page of notes for every chapter she reads because she really wants to understand.

Rishi is still progressing and he is teaching his construction buddies about the plan of salvation. It all makes so much sense to him. He said he was like "No you guys don't get it, if Adam and Eve didn't take the fruit we wouldn't be here now! Haha he really loves us coming over and just soaks it all in.

Happy bday to Brock! I hope all your wildest dreams come true young man!

Well I hope you all have a great week!

Love, Elder Hale

Monday, September 10, 2012

Great Success

So only one week left in this transfer! It's gone by way fast and everything is going great! I kind of hope and think I will stay one more transfer. There are a couple people that should be Baptized by then.

But this week Saturday Brandon is getting Baptized. He is 15 years old and he's a pretty humble kid. He has come to church 4 times now and loves it. He really wants to be an example to his Rasta Dad who has way too many problems.

We had great success for investigators and less actives coming to church! A man named Carlos and his family of 5 came, Rishi, Brandon, and two less actives Sister Valere and Sister Harrideo came. Sister Valere is 79 and she is real funny. She loves the church but has not been in so long. Everyone in her family became less active and it's too far of a walk for her to get to church. But when Brother Supaul offered her a ride she was so excited. It made me a little sad that she was only not going to church because of transportation. She loved church and continued to hum the hymns all day long. So look out for anyone like her who might want to be at church but they just need a friend.

Another thing is feed the missionaries! Even if it is just a little drink and snack when they pass by you have no idea how good it feels after being in the hot sun. Give them referrals and go out teaching with them. That is a problem here is we don't have people to come and teach with us. You have no idea how much it helps to have a strong member there. Being a missionary in our ward back home would be heaven.

So another cool thing that happened is one of our investigators Rishi is progressing greatly. He working on his word of wisdom problem and I know he will do cause he has the greatest desire. Every lesson we have had with him has been very spiritual. Recently he was offered a great job far away in another town. At first he planned to stay there on the week days then travel back for church. After church Sunday he told me he has a bad feeling about it now and he thinks he is going to decline the job so he can stay close to us and the church. And he has faith a better opportunity will come up closer to home.

So it's been a great week here in Sangre Grande! I love you guys and have an awesome week!

Love, Elder Hale

Monday, September 3, 2012

Bacon Hot Dogs

Well this week was another great week! It was full of service and meeting lots of cool people. For independence day they were having a futbol tournament in the street and the guys were actually really good. It was fun to watch. There was even some 30 year old guys playing cricket in the street like a bunch of kids. I also made an awesome meal for the guys in the apartment.. Bacon hot dogs and macaroni salad! That is the most extravagant meal I have ever made. I also made the best western bacon cheeseburger I ever had. Tonight a member is gonna show me how to make some trini food. 

One awesome thing that happened was Bro. Supaul took us out teaching. This guy is so awesome and everyone I meet knows him because he drives a maxi and is real outgoing. The Supauls are the ones that feed us every week and make fantastic food. But he took us out and teaching and we got a lot of people that said they will come to church again. One lady was like touching his leg while we taught and his face was hilarious he looked so scared!

Also we got a family to come to church that we have been working with since my first transfer. They heard all kinds of funny rumors like we kidnap children in our church and stuff. People here really try to stop the work from progressing by spreading lots of lies. Even pastors who should be more educated say the most ridiculous things! But if you watch how these people live their lives it is not in harmony with their teaching. A man gave us all kinds of trouble while we were teaching him and five minutes after we left we saw him cuss out this guy on the street. Haha! It's funny because they always know in their hearts that everything we say is true but they are so hard headed. 

But everything is going awesome here I hope everyone has a peachy week! Love you guys! 

Love, Elder Hale