Monday, September 3, 2012

Bacon Hot Dogs

Well this week was another great week! It was full of service and meeting lots of cool people. For independence day they were having a futbol tournament in the street and the guys were actually really good. It was fun to watch. There was even some 30 year old guys playing cricket in the street like a bunch of kids. I also made an awesome meal for the guys in the apartment.. Bacon hot dogs and macaroni salad! That is the most extravagant meal I have ever made. I also made the best western bacon cheeseburger I ever had. Tonight a member is gonna show me how to make some trini food. 

One awesome thing that happened was Bro. Supaul took us out teaching. This guy is so awesome and everyone I meet knows him because he drives a maxi and is real outgoing. The Supauls are the ones that feed us every week and make fantastic food. But he took us out and teaching and we got a lot of people that said they will come to church again. One lady was like touching his leg while we taught and his face was hilarious he looked so scared!

Also we got a family to come to church that we have been working with since my first transfer. They heard all kinds of funny rumors like we kidnap children in our church and stuff. People here really try to stop the work from progressing by spreading lots of lies. Even pastors who should be more educated say the most ridiculous things! But if you watch how these people live their lives it is not in harmony with their teaching. A man gave us all kinds of trouble while we were teaching him and five minutes after we left we saw him cuss out this guy on the street. Haha! It's funny because they always know in their hearts that everything we say is true but they are so hard headed. 

But everything is going awesome here I hope everyone has a peachy week! Love you guys! 

Love, Elder Hale

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