Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More Determined Than Ever

So the first week of the transfer is already done! We had a good week things are going well. We are back in contact with Roger and Kandis; they had moved far away and they're back! They are more determined than ever now. Rishi was gone all week and sadly missed church because he was working.

One investigator we have been working with is Carlos and his family. He owns a tool shop not far from our apartment and we visit him frequently. One thing that I always notice is that once you meet someone you start to run into them everywhere. I had never even seen Carlos before but after we met him we see him almost every day. Anyways, Carlos is really funny and somewhat Americanized. He lived in the U.S. for two years doing construction. He has three little girls who are way cute and fun. We have been having family home evening with them and they really enjoy it. They also came to church on Sunday. The only problem is Carlos thinks it's really boring so we will have to work with that.

Yesterday we had a bbq with Carlos and the coals would not stay on fire! Elder Gines almost killed us all when he slowly poured gasoline on the fire with a full gas can. The fire trailed up to the nozzle and lit his hand on fire! He miraculously blew out the fire on the nozzle and got the fire off his hand! So Carlos ended up using a stove to heat the coals on the grill. Then he welded some stuff together and made another grill to put the chicken. It was way too much work for a bbq but everything tasted amazing! Carlos owns a bunch of bouncy castles so the kids played on those.

But I love you guys keep writing your inspiring words and have a great week!

Love, Elder Hale

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