Monday, September 17, 2012

Transfer 3!

So transfer two is done and I got my transfer call! I'm staying in Grande along with everyone in the apartment! So it's not the most exciting transfer call but it's what I wanted. I got work to do here!

So Brandon's baptism went great! I baptized him and Elder Whitlock confirmed him. It was a great baptism, Kerwyn spoke! Haha he was so nervous but he really wanted to do it. And he looks angry in all the pictures I send because he said he doesn't smile for pictures. But he really is a happy person. I will send pics from the baptism probably next week.

So this week we were talking to Carlos who came to church with his family last week. He thinks Elder Whitlock and I don't get to do anything fun so he made us a deal. He said if we do one fun thing with him a week then he will come to church. Haha! He's like Tuesday we will go to the mall and play video games. We were like "How old are you man?" But on Saturday we went to his house, had pizza, and played spoons! It was really fun they have a really nice family.

Debbie (Kerwyn's sister) came to church yesterday and really enjoyed it. It was way more meaningful for her because she has been really studying the Book of Mormon. She has a page of notes for every chapter she reads because she really wants to understand.

Rishi is still progressing and he is teaching his construction buddies about the plan of salvation. It all makes so much sense to him. He said he was like "No you guys don't get it, if Adam and Eve didn't take the fruit we wouldn't be here now! Haha he really loves us coming over and just soaks it all in.

Happy bday to Brock! I hope all your wildest dreams come true young man!

Well I hope you all have a great week!

Love, Elder Hale

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