Monday, October 1, 2012

A Lot of Good

Brandon's baptism

So this week went lightning fast! A lot of good came out of it. We are getting more serious with all our investigators and hoping for a lot of results by the end of the transfer. 

At church yesterday a less active named Allen finally came after weeks of working with him. When we found him he did not know anything about the church even though he was baptized! At church they asked him to bear his testimony and Elder Whitlock said "Oh my gosh!" out loud. Haha. But then it turned out to be great. He said many things about how he loves the church and how he needs to change his life. He even committed over the pulpit to being there every week. It was great!

Roger also came to church and enjoyed. Rishi was too wiped out from his work to come. He had been sleeping on a wet mattress where he was working and they had been putting a lot of pressure on the workers. He quit the job! He said he prayed about it and he felt inclined to find work that will allow him to meet with us more so he can really change his life. So he is doing great!

Yesterday the Ap's (Assistants to the President) came and took us on trade-offs. I really learned the importance of opening your mouth to EVERYONE you pass! Elder Kaelin stopped at every single opportunity. So Elder Whitlock joined and I joined in and next thing we knew we had 17 contacts and a full day of lessons for Tuesday. So that is my focus this week. As I did that I could feel the spirit with me stronger and I was more desirous to share the gospel.

I hope everyone is doing good. I miss you all! Have a great week!

That's brother Supaul on the end.

Elder Whitlock and I cookin some curry!

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