Monday, October 29, 2012


So we got our Transfer calls this week and I'm am hittin' the road heading to a place called Siparia! Someone translate that for me.. Anyways it is way down south far from Grande. I hear people really love the area. It is full of Hindus! But that is perfect because the 13th of November is one of the biggest Hindu holidays called Divali. I guess people just roam house to house eating sickening amounts of delicious Indian food! I'm real excited cause they say Siparia is the best for Divali.

Unfortunately Elder Whitlock and I must part but my new companion is Elder "Brock" Hartshorne. He was in my district on the first transfer serving in Arima. He is really cool I have no worries about serving with him.

I was a little bummed we didn't baptize this transfer but the area has progressed greatly! Elder W. will get them baptized.

It's been sad telling people I am leaving. Everyone knows it's coming but they were still shocked when I told them. Kerwyn and Brandon were both really sad. Brandon's Dad actually cried but it was cause he was really drunk..Haha.

Well til next time I love you guys!

Love, Elder Hale

The master teacher, sister Gopaul!

We had a Trini cook-off in our apartment! I made the pumpkin! The rest is stew chicken, curry chicken, curry mango, and dhalpourie (roti).


The Supaul family!

Brandon and Father Mitchell saying their goodbyes (: Yes he is crying hahaha

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