Monday, October 15, 2012

Salybia Beach

Sister Valere after her cataract surgery!

So this week was interesting.. There were a lot of set backs. So we had Rishi done with smoking then he tells us his ex-girlfriend Rose wants to move back in. It's really hard for him because he lived with her for years and her kids are basically his kids. But we told him he can't be baptized if he does that. His date was set for the 27th. We made the situation very clear but he just kept say "I don't know what to do!" We said a prayer with him to give him strength but after he said "I'm too weak" There was nothing we could say to convince him, we only brought more condemnation to his soul!

The next thing that happened was these 4 cool Jamaican guys we met got An-tied! One of them called their pastor and told him about our visits and he told him to stay away from us. One of them said "I really think you guys are trying to sacrifice black people" No scripture has as much validity to them as the words of their pastor. They really couldn't give us any good reason. They were really rude and hostile. So we just left.

That being said Elder Whitlock and I took a trip to Salybia beach today. We went and had lunch at a resort overlooking the ocean! The lunch they wanted to feed us was real expensive but I reasoned with them and we got hamburgers and fries for a nice price. It was definitely nice! I needed it!

Love you guys! Have a great week!

Love, Elder Hale

Elder Whitlock and myself (:

Livin' it up!

on the pool deck

me and the waiter

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