Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Elder Hale goes to the MTC

Jacob and I had the privilege of picking up Elder Hale from the airport in Salt Lake City and dropping him off at the MTC (just around the corner from our house) the next day. We took him out to dinner and let him relax before his big debut as a missionary.

Dinner at Station 22

We ate dinner at a new restaurant in downtown Provo called Station 22. We decided to eat out on the patio and enjoy the cool evening air. Elder Hale ordered the "pig and cheese" sandwich, and loved it.

The next day Elder Hale slept in for (most likely) the last time in two years. He got all of his missionary stuff packed into the car, and we headed to the MTC... but not before getting some lunch.

For Elder Hale's last meal before entering the MTC, we took him to one of our favorite spots in Provo, Slab Pizza. And of course, he chose a Mountain Dew for his drink. Not gonna get any of that in the MTC!

brother + sister

Then it finally came. We drove Elder Hale to the MTC...

Sky puts on his missionary jacket. It's all really happening!

Sky was calm and collected as we helped him get his bags out of the car and met with his missionary "guide," though he seemed in disbelief that it all of this had finally come. In moments he would be in the MTCofficially a missionary.

Elder Hale's "guide" asks him a few questions before escorting him into the MTC.

Jacob gives him some final words of advice.

One final photo before Elder Hale leaves to be a real missionary.

And of course, this is where I lost my composure. Everything seemed pretty normal and calm until that last hug and goodbye. I felt bad because I knew that he already had to go through all the tears and goodbyes the day before at the airport, but I couldn't help it. As soon as the tears started welling in my eyes, he laughed at me and scolded, "Now don't start that!"

Jacob and I waved our final goodbyes as he turned and walked into the MTC with the rest of the new missionaries.

Bye Elder Hale!

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