Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sky's first email(s) from the MTC

To Mom:

So this week has been good. Everyday gets better. I'm learning a ton and every disscussion my companion and I teach gets better and better. I like everyone in my district. The teachers are really good. The food is ok. I eat a lot less actually. Most of it is pretty cheap tasting. But they have good wraps! That's awesome Tj and Tressa had their baby. I like my companion but sometimes he's really hard on himself. He cried after we gave a disscussion and our teacher who acted like an investigator said no. Haha I was like pull yourself together! I'm going to the temple today so I'm pretty excited about that. But I think I might have more time to write later today so we'll see. I love you. love skyler

To Dad:

Hey Dad! I think my toes fine but I'll keep a close eye. I haven't seen the blog Holli made me yet but I'll see if I can get access. I'm pretty used to the schedule and waking up at 6:30 has been no problem. I stay focused the whole time while others kind of screw around for hours during study time.  I want to see a picture of Tj and Tressa's baby. It's about time they had that thing. Tell Brock I said congrats on the baseball stuff. I have this guy in my district that kinda reminds me of Brock. He is way good at basketball and he's here instead of playing college ball. I also met this guy in Seth's district who pitched in the minors for the Yankees. He's had a few surgerys so he's hoping two years will help him heal. But you and mom will get a letter soon. I'll keep you guys updated. Love, Skyler

To Holli:

Hey! Yes I got your email! Did you get my letter yet? Yea I haven't seen the blog yet I really want to. I don't know if these computers will let me. But my letter answers the other questions. My first week has been pretty good. Everyday gets better it seems...and faster. Yes only two more weeks! I see seth green every day. Its awesome. His companion is like a weirdo though. My toe is fine too. I have played b-ball with no pain. I feel like learning so much everyday. Every discussion my companion and I teach gets better and better. I didn't get to do choir on Sunday cause we were eating dinner but I was going to. Hopefully next week. Im goin to the temple today so im pretty excited. Yea I know I'm making grammar errors but I'm writing everyone fast.. Anyways I love you. I talk to you soon! - Skyler

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