Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Elder Hale's Bad Haircut

Week 1

Dear everyone,

It's been a crazy week! My brain hurts just trying to think of everything that happened... Firstly, my comp left last Tuesday and I spent a few days in an area called Canje. I had a terrible misunderstanding at this barber shop. I wanted a normal hair cut. I explained to the African man "Short on the sides and a trim on top." He pointed to his menu of hair cuts and pointed to this ridiculous afro hair cut and said "Like that one?" I jokingly said "Oh yea!" (knowing that haircut was not even possible for me because I have no afro!) Well long story short he tried to give me that haircut and I seriously didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Hahaha. He got his razor out and did the side burns and the whole shabang! He did the first side while I was looking in the mirror so I didn't know what he was doing. He went past the point of no return and then asked me "Is this going to be ok with you..) I literally laughed out loud. Anyways I ended up getting lots of compliments from the locals which was kinda weird. 

To add to the stress of the bad hair cut we had zone conference on Monday. Luckily my faith was able to push my hairs out faster. But Zone conference was amazing President Mehr is the best mission president ever. He'll make you laugh, cry, and be super motivated all at once! 

On Tuesday I had to go to Suriname to renew my visa. It's strange you just take a 30 minute ferry to Suriname and everyone is speaking dutch. I was happy to get back from that trip and start working again.

 I am really excited to work with Elder Tillotson this transfer we are doing great. We have found many lost sheep already and had great lessons with them. We help them remember how they felt when the first missionaries came and taught them the gospel for the first time. They always have stories of all the games and fun stuff they would do. But it's really a lot of fun to meet all these people and help them come back. I love it!

You all take care now! And be safe(:


Elder Hale

President & Sister Mehr

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