Monday, April 8, 2013

Conference Week

Hi! Happy 10 months to me!!! Time is flying! How did everyone enjoy general conference? I thought it was fantastic. My favorites was Craig Cardon and Jeffrey R. Holland of course. What was yours? We had a few investigators come and see. Antonia came to the Sunday morning session and really enjoyed it. She is working to be baptized for the 20th. I have been amazed as we have been teaching her how ready she is. She already lives her life by the word of wisdom and all the commandments for that matter. She has never really been a part of any church and as a result her beliefs corrupted by the sleight of man. Instead, her beliefs have just been confirmed by our teachings. She has obviously learned from the spirit her whole life. I honestly believe everyone has these teachings embedded within their hearts. Any honest seeker of truth without bias will find their beliefs align with our teachings. Example: Rajan who we are teaching is so humble and has felt the truth of what we teach. But at the same time he has had it ingrained into his head since he was a boy that changing your religion is disrespecting your parents. They also have the mentality that if I was born a Hindu then that is what God wants me to be. So his humility has helped him feel the truth but he is terrified of his father. We also have this skeptical man named Kirk and he came to Priesthood session. I'll find out if he liked it when we see him this week. Not much else happened this week. Just ready to finish the last two weeks of the transfer strong! Have an amazing week everyone!

 Love, Elder Hale

"Lord, I Believe" by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

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