Monday, April 15, 2013

Miracles Every Day

Good day my friends. We had a great week. Antonia and Corey Alfred came to church and it was a great testimony meeting. Antonia had an interview with the Bishop about her baptism this Saturday. We are really excited for her. I really knew the Lord would bless me coming to this area even though we had to start all over. I could just feel it. And the way we met Antonia is just a miracle. We were at Curepe Junction which is a busy place where it is not good to try to talk to people. We had no appointments to go to so we just planned to talk to people. Elder Reyes kept telling me "Why are we just standing here?" "Let's go." But for some reason I just stood there and kept looking for someone to talk to. Finally Antonia's son parked by us with her in the back seat. She was clearly staring at us. And finally she asked about the Restoration tract in my hand. I explained it very simply and set up an appoinment for the next day. She later told us how she just felt strongly prompted to talk to us and after they drove away she started crying. Her son thought she was crazy! But every lesson with her has just been smooth and she has felt the spirit everytime we come.
The West Indies mission set a goal for 50 baptisms a few months back when we were getting about 16 a month. But President Mehr was sure we could achieve 50. Last month we had 43 baptisms and this weekend we have 32 planned baptisms!!! I know the Lord is directing this work and preparing His children. So this is already the last week of this transfer. This was definitely the fastest of my mission. I think I will either be training, leaving Trinidad, or both! But I would love to stay here this area is doing great. I see miracles every day as we exhaust ourself in the work of the Lord.
Love you guys!
-Elder Hale

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