Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Week 3

 Good day mate! (I'm talking like my comp.) This week has been wonderful. There was an awesome play put on by the church that really surprised me. It was called "Savior of the World" I saw Kerwyn there and learned he is working on his mission papers. I also learned Sis Val who I taught in Grande and who got baptized recently referred the missionaries to another family of six. And now that family is being baptized soon. It's amazing to see how one person being baptized will affect so many in the future.
We are also teaching Bro Sookhan's brother Rajan. Rajan is 52 and was in a car accident 26 years ago that has left him disabled. He has a Hindu background but has really been open to our teachings. He said a very powerful prayer in our last lesson and ended it in the name of Jesus Christ. He really desires to be baptized. He will be at the church to watch conference on Sunday.
We brought the Kotiah family to teach Antonia and we had an awesome lesson. We talked about repentance and she had a huge breakdown. She is such a nice old lady in her early 60's but I can tell she has been carrying around burdens from her past and it all came out. But she came to the play and really enjoyed it. Then she came to church the next day and enjoyed that as well. Another success we had was getting another less active named Reuben to come to church. The sisters asked "How did you get Reuben to come to church?" "We tried so hard!" But he really loves our company.
So that was this week my friends. Have an awesome week! Cheers!
Love, Elder Hale

Me lookin good in my new authentic indian kurta

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