Monday, March 25, 2013

many miracles

Good day friends and family!
Well this was my first full week in Curepe and it went good. We just did lots and lots of tracting. Our biggest success was on Monday. We had an appointment with someone on Monday night but it fell through so we just went into the heart of town to contact. We kind of felt awkward there and Elder Reyes wanted to leave but for some reason I just wanted to stand there til I saw someone to contact. After about 10 minutes of standing in one place this lady in the back seat of a car was looking at us and I could tell she was definitely thinking something. They parked next to us and she asked me what kind of tracts we were handing out. Her name is Antonia. I gave her the Restoration pamphlet and set up an appointment for the next day. I went on a trade off the next day but Elder Reyes and Elder Whitlock had an amazing lesson with her. She said she has been searching for this her whole life. We went back on Friday and taught her again and she told us how she had felt something really strong tell her to talk to us the night we met. She had seen missionaries before but never really talked to them. We taught her about the Book of Mormon and committed to be baptized. She is very excited. Unfortuanately on Sunday her son had an asthma attack and they couldn't make it to church. I was sad. But I know she will make it next week.
We also met some other great people and got a very less active to come to church. The week was very hard at the same time because we had a lot of appointments fall through and I ended up getting a bad sunburn on my face. But we worked as hard as we could despite all the fall outs and I know we are going to see great success. We already have seen many miracles in this first week.
Love you guys! Have a fantastic week and share the gospel!
Love, Elder Hale

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