Monday, April 29, 2013

Elder "For Sure"

Goodbye Elder Reyes

Hey everyone! This week has been awesome. Elder Fauchier is a great missionary it doesn't really feel like I am training. He is from Tracy California and you say his name like "for sure" There has already been plenty jokes with that name.

As you can see from the pictures we took a hike up a mountain in pouring rain to meet this guy named Michael. It was really fun to go through jungle and then teach someone in what seemed like an empty jail cell. Michael had lots of very basic questions.. "How did the earth get here?" "Is Jesus Christ still alive?" He got super excited when he found out there is life after death. Haha! He came to church on Sunday and absolutley loved it. He wants to come every week. He also loved the girls in the church...

We had many great lessons with our investigators and met a lot of great people the Lord seems to have prepared for us. My favorite member in the world (Bro Mohan) got called as the 1st counselor in the Elders quorum. He overcame drugs and all sorts of things to be baptized in September. He is the funniest fellow I have ever met. He really needs a tv show about him and this other member Bro Bocas. It would be a hit! But I really love all these people here. We are well fed and entertained. Yesterday a less active member named Bro Reuben broke the Sabbath to bring us chinese food. It was very nice although I got scared because it was supposed to be chicken but It looked like it could be dog! Anyways that's another story...

Love you guys!

Love, Elder Hale

Hello Elder Fauchier "for sure"

Took a hike in the rain to meet an investigator named Michael

Hindu prayers... stuffed like a turkey

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