Monday, July 9, 2012

Sangre Grande Week 2

So this week went good! We are having a baptism for a 17 year old named Kerwin next week. He says he feels happy and joyful reading the Book of Mormon. He comes to every church activity! We also have Kandis and Roger. They committed for aug. 4th. Elder Carpenter has been working with them since March! They could not be baptized because they live together with their son Kyle and Roger smokes. But they are getting married next week and Roger said he's done smoking. He loves the gospel and the Book of Mormon. He tries to share it with his friends at work but they criticize him. He doesn't care, he loves it!

Church is pretty funny. The organist looks at the music with huge eyes like Chris Tucker from Rush Hour! She is so scared to make mistakes! They use this little Yamaha keyboard that sounds puny. These people are terrible at singing. I know when I get home I will appreciate the hymns in our ward so much more. Elder Carpenter and I have to tell everyone what to do. None of the teachers show up so we have to fill in spots and assign people stuff. I had to tie the 1st counselors tie for him! haha!

This place is growing on me though. It's very ugly and there is a lot of bums and crime. But it's awesome this lady has every kind of fruit in her backyard. Banana, apple, cherry, orange, coconut, avocado, mango, etc.. We are having a lot of success with the youth. They are not as hard-headed as the adults. They will come to church and stuff. People do not want to hear anything we have to say. Once we start convincing them they say no more! I already accepted Jesus Christ! They don't have to come to church because Jesus knows their heart. haha. But we are also finding humble people to teach and things are going well. Take care!

Love, Skyler

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