Monday, July 23, 2012

Week 4: "things are going good"

So this week went by pretty fast! I am really bummed right now though because something is not working with this computer and reading the memory card so I can't send pics again! Sorry about that I will keep trying... 

So this week I went to Arima again and met some interesting people. There was this muslim guy that was trying to convince us we know nothing. So I have a Qur'an now. haha but I can't read it, there's no time for that crap. The guy was crazy though. He said they are planning to attack the government because they are trying to pass gay marriage. He said they have their guns ready. This already happened a few years ago in Trinidad. I guess the muslims killed a bunch of people. 

No investigators showed up to church this week. Except Kerwin brought three of his nieces and nephews. I was expecting like 5 at church or more. One cool thing this week was teaching Roger at his home in the bush. It was night time and all we had was a lamp for light. His shack (or home) is the size of Brock's room. It's exactly like the beginning of the pirates of the Caribbean ride. There is river with gators close and there is these bugs that light up called lightning bugs. It made for a nice environment. It was pretty much camping. Roger loves the Book of Mormon more every time we talk. He says it's really given him comfort about getting married as he and Kandis have read together. I can see a difference in their countenance.

So today I went to the medical center to get a physical so I can stay in Trinidad. Apparently I have a bladder infection... But I have not noticed anything abnormal. 

But things are going good it's almost the end of the first transfer! I have had a lot of roti already. We did service for this lady who is building a dance studio. We are digging on a slope to make it. It was hard work but she fed us the most amazing indian food! These people are obsessed with food it's great. Tonight I am getting roti again!

But I love you all I gotta go!

Love, Elder Hale 

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