Monday, July 2, 2012

Sangre Grande

Hey everyone!

So I'm am in Trinidad not Grenada! They just put that I was going to Grenada so I could get past immigration. Immigration was ridiculous! The guy called me a liar and stuff. haha. But the area I'm in is called Sangre Grande. It's not quite the beautiful place like the islands are. But the people are cool. They all say I remind them of a movie star or that they love my eyes. They are straightforward. My comp is cool. He's from Utah, of course, and he's been here for about a year. We are preparing a few people for baptism. I think for sure we will have two by the end of this month, but I'm hoping for more. This area has been struggling. They lost 60 members and are down to about 40. The members they got are strong though. They blow my mind when they speak. I have eaten a lot of Indian food. Many people are very nice and will start cooking for you on the spot.

I have some pictures I will post. They have some interesting homes here. Our place is pretty big, but there is no A/C, just fans. But I'm getting used to missionary work. The humidity here is crazy! Most people just walk around without a shirt on. I figure I got to pay my dues in this area before I go to the beautiful islands. A couple people in my district from the mtc went to Suriname to speak Dutch! They are all freaked out!

We have about 8 people that have said they will prepare for baptism this month. But only two came to church!  They will come around.. But it's good to hear from all of you! I'm doin great!

 Love, Skyler

"The rosta guy told me his name is nigga"

Some pics from the MTC:

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  1. Looking good Sky!!! Hope you get to the West Indies soon!!!