Monday, July 30, 2012

All is well in Sangre Grande

Well this week went by super fast. We did a lot of service and it's been hard to catch up on sleep. I learned how to mix cement and plaster walls. So right now my back really hurts...

On Sunday we had no investigators at church! I counted over ten that I thought were for sure coming. We had success finding people and taught some really good lessons, but somehow it was not enough. Roger and Kandis have moved again and they can't even afford to come to church. But they are still going to try to.

One thing I noticed about this place is every neighborhood has it's own theme. Like the people are the same... One street we went down there was probably five different nasty girls that wanted to know if we were looking for wives. One lady was like 50! Another street everyone had totally racist views. This guy said that Jesus Christ died for us not the Africans. That's why you don't see any African names in the bible! So basically he somehow made the connection that he cannot sin. And on this other street I will just say everyone there had a very dirty mind.

It was cool the other day I heard the sound of some blues guitar licks. So my companion and I followed the sound and found this guy playin a nice les paul on his front porch. We talked for awhile and invited me back for a jam session. I would go if I could, but he said he doesn't talk about religion.

Another guy was playing guitar on the street, so I played him a song. It made it so much easier to get his contact information. One day I want to coordinate something were I could play some hymns or something to proselyte.

Another thing to note is today I shaved my head! I only did a number 4 though. It feels nice. I'm gonna try to figure out something so I can send pictures. I might just have to go get them printed or something.

But all is well here in Sangre Grande. This is the last week of the transfer and they are gonna move two new missionaries into our apartment. Anyways love you guys - Elder Hale

p.s. Mom can you send me AA batteries?

And for anyone that does not have my address here it is:

Elder Skyler Lee Hale
West indies mission
po bag 543
Valsayn Trinidad
Trinidad and Tobago

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