Monday, July 16, 2012

Kerwin's Baptism

Well this week was awesome! Kerwin's baptism was a success! I would send pictures, but I am at an internet cafe in grande, which does not allow me to hook up my camera. Next time! But Kerwin's mother and niece came to the baptism and now want to take the discussions. We already visited his mom and she needs to be married to get baptized, but she has the desire. Kerwin is a very quiet guy, but he bore his testimony. It was amazing to hear him talk! He said this has been a glorious and joyful experience. Haha. He then gave us mangoes as a thank you.

Earlier this week elder Carpenter had leadership training so I had to go be with some elders in Arima. The very first day we called inside this house and this 17 year old girl came out. She said her mother is baptist and won't let her attend any churches. She has been praying that someone would come to show her what church to join. I was like Yessss! Everything we taught her just clicked and she was smiling the whole time. Now she is just praying that she can find a way to get to church without her mother interfering.

Another lady we met was an old investigator. Elder Carpenter had to drop her because she wasn't coming to church. She still had been keeping the Word of Wisdom for 3 months and yesterday we went over and she had drank tea that day! She said "Why did you have to come today!" We committed her to lots of things and she is back on track.

Also Happy birthday to Mason! Is it your Michael Jordan birthday? 23 I believe. Anyways I gotta go and write president. I love you guys and thanks for all the emails! Love, Skyler

Snacks are appreciated...

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