Thursday, June 13, 2013

Kyle's Baptism

It was another great week in Curepe! We had Kyle's baptism and there was a good turn out and alot of support from the members. Antonia was very happy. And of course Kyle was feeling warm and fuzzy.
Our investigator Michael came to church but we decided to push his baptism back another week. We have to make sure he is actually ready. He comes to church and hits on all the girls including the sister missionaries. He was really sad when we told him we have to push it back so that is a good sign.
We had an awesome investigator named Alonda come to church and love it. There was great speakers and the ward was very kind to her. We are helping her move out of her house tomorrow.
We had an amazing zone conference. I had to sing, teach, and lead the music. It all went good! President Mehr is a very inspired man. And the food was just as inspiring. I got to meet up with my old buddy Elder Christ from the mtc. I hadn't seen him since the 1st day in Trinidad.
This transfer went amazingly fast. I think I will be staying here in Curepe cause we are doing really well.
Have a great week!
Love, Elder Hale

Caura River

water fight!

Pizza Hut with Mohan

Kyle's baptism

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