Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Book of Mormon Cartoons + Pizza

Hello folks! This week was good and it went by extremely fast. We have seen some great things happen. Our investigator Jane left her job that had her working every other Sunday so she will be much more prepared for her baptismal date on July 6th. Robert is a member referral from our missionary month of May. Apparently a member talked to him on the street and now he has come to church twice and he has a date for the 29th. We were very proud he came this week because he usually works on Sundays and he came in the pouring rain. He has a great desire. He has gotten along great with all the members of the church.
Roger is still going good. We wshowed him the Book of Mormon cartoons and he loves them. He quotes them now just like Tj used to all the time. It's awesome.
Besides that we met and taught a few new people so we will see how they progress. We are currently teaching Antonia's son Nikolas and she is so happy. She is giving her first talk in church this month and she is so nervous so we are helping her prepare it. She tried to share it with us but she can't read one line without breaking into tears. It's a little sad but funny.
Today for pday we are watching all the book of mormon cartoons and ordering a pizza. It's gonna be great.  
Happy Father's Day Dad!!! And also to all fathers! And congrats on the mission call Brock! I knew you were gonna speak spanish!
Love you guys!
Love, Elder Hale

This member is my new best friend.

Like riding a bike...

Did you know you can buy a full baby shark for 25tt? That's about 4 U.S. dollars!

Introducing the new ward mission leader!!!! Bro. Richardson!

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