Thursday, June 13, 2013

Heavenly Father's Police Men!

This week was pretty awesome. Too many adventures to tell you. I saw a lot of cool stuff like Mount st. benedict at night. We did a lesson with Roger up there and the breeze was cool. I also went on a tradeoff to port of spain. It's amazing how fast concrete jungle turns into jungle jungle. These people are crazy walking up and down these mountains everyday.
As you saw in the pictures we introduced s'mores to our trini friends. I think that is something i will have to do in every area I go. And fyi I am staying in curepe as predicted. We gotta finish elder fauchier's training and baptize the rest of these investigators before I leave! Michael is going to be baptized on the 22nd now because bishop thinks he needs more time. I'm not worried about it he's a real humble guy. We started teaching bro mohan's sister in law and the lessons went pretty good. She is from Dominica. She came to church on Sunday and absolutely loved it. She clapped after a few of the testimonies that were given. haha. In our Sunday school class she bore her testimony and said "This is my church from now on!" Roger is a really fun investigator to teach because he is a real challenge. He asks a lot of questions but for good reasons. He has never been a super religious guy so putting his faith in the book of mormon has been hard. But he is doing all that we ask read, pray, and yesterday he went to church in Arima. We are making good progress with him.
Here's one of my funny moments of the week. We were with Bro Mohan and he decided we should visit this less active man bro Reuben. When we got there he called into his house and Bro Reuben was sleeping. But he woke up and said "Who is it?" Bro Mohan yelled "It's Heavenly Father's police men!" Except he says father like fada. It was wonderful.
Have a great week.
Love, Elder Hale

my artistic pic from st benedict 
tres amigos!

port of spain

any idea what this thing is?

B.O.M. bedtime stories

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