Thursday, June 13, 2013

Kyle and Michael

Hello everyone! This week was great we had our two investigators with baptismal dates at church. That is Kyle (Antonia's son) and Michael. Kyle will be baptized this Saturday and Michael is on track for June 1st. We just have some really cool people we are working with.
Roger has been taught by missionaries in the past but it didn't go so great. He asks a lot of tough questions but he has good intentions. We have taken the time to answer all his questions and he now understands how the atonement works and also the plan of salvation. He is already sad that we will be leaving one day.
We also had our fireside this week and it went great. Elder Fauchier and I taught the members the purpose of missionary work. Now I have to teach and sing at zone conference. It's possible I might play guitar too. That's on Wednesday.
Elder Fauchier and I went to this steel pan yard and taught this guy and he let us play all the pans. It is super fun. We also had a sweet lesson with him. It was great to talk to you all on mother's day! My one year mark is approaching people!!!
Have a great week!!!
Love, Elder Hale

The Mohan

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