Monday, June 24, 2013

Fauchier's Fault

Well this week was very eventful! It all started Monday.. Elder Fauchier and I went to our lesson with Robert and in the middle of the lesson Fauchier got my attention and I saw he wrote on his notebook "I think I left stove on at home!" "We need to make this lesson fast!" We were more than a mile away from home so we started running. Elder Fauchier asked some complete strangers for a ride and they said yes. We were lucky they did.. When we opened our door the apartment was completely filled with smoke! The pot on the stove had even melted.. Some neighbors were outside wondering where all the smoke came from. Elder Fauchier made me promise not to tell any of the missionaries but when we walked into district meeting everyone smelt the smoke from our clothes! haha. But everything was ok except it still smells like smoke in our apartment.

We met some really nice bums that live in a graveyard. They have actually built forts over peoples graves and that's where they live! One of the bums was from the deep south and seemed very educated. It was really something to hear that accent here in Trinidad. "My name's Earl Patrick!"
Saturdays' story is Bro Mohan chopped of a piece of his thumb while cutting mangoes. He said it was Fauchier's fault because he was thinking of him. haha.

On Sunday we had Roger, Jane, and Robert at church. It was really awesome! Robert is definitely ready to be baptized Saturday. He came to the broadcast that evening. Everything was going well then all the sudden he broke out into a seizure and we helped him go down lightly to the ground. It seemed like seconds and we already had the spoon in his mouth and a wet clothe on his head. The seizure only lasted about a minute and then he snapped out of it. I felt really bad because he seemed embarrassed and a little down. We gave him a blessing then took him straight home.

So that was this week in a nutshell. Everything is going great. Love you guys!


Elder Hale


the incident.

beans taste burnt

Mohan's finger

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