Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Stranded on a Beautiful Island!

So this week has been crazy we didn't have any baptisms as anticipated but things are still great. Roger should be able to be baptized in the next week or two and same with Jane. Jane took a cigarette so we had to push it back. But she is doing so good we just told her how proud of her we are.
We got our transfer calls and I have been called to serve in the San Juan Santa Cruz area which is the same ward I am in now. But I am what they call a JCAP(Junior companion to the assistants to the president) haha that sounds like the office.. But it's actually really cool I have my normal companion but we also go on splits whenever the assistants are free. My new comp is Elder Contreras from Mexico. I think he is still 18.. But he is the nicest guy I've ever met so I'm excited to work with him. I really wanted to leave Trinidad but when I got this call I was happy because this is the highest baptizing area in the whole mission and I'm honored that they are trusting me with it. So then I find out they have to send me to another island and back so I can drive in Trinidad for 90 days. Or else I would have to get a license and we don't have time for that.
Monday morning they dropped me off at the airport and my plane kept getting delayed and I didn't leave till 4:45pm. But they gave me a voucher for free food because of the delay so I got some subway. So long story short I made it here last night and it's lovely. We went on a run to the beach in the morning and as you can see from the pics it's awesome! And now I missed my flight back to Trinidad cause the senior couple here forgot. I'm stranded on a beautiful island! Haha everyone was like "Oh crap!" "I'm sorry.." I'm just like yea... this is awesome! They are working on another flight for me now but I will most likely stay another day. The only problem with this place is I guess the people are really hardened. So I'm happy to be in Trinidad for now.
Well I love you guys. Have a great week!
-Elder Hale

plane view 
the sun is bright


beautiful :)

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