Monday, July 8, 2013


So this was a crazy week. To start on Monday we had our cow tongue tacos which were surprisingly good. And the biggest story this week is that I totally got pranked! Elder Fauchier and Roger had been planning to prank me for weeks. Roger said he was gonna get back at me after I made him think I was leaving last transfer. So here's the prank...
Roger called on Thursday and said he needed to come talk to us for 15 minutes. So automatically I thought it was weird. I thought he was gonna do something for july 4th but he didn't. He came and told me all this mumbo jumbo about how he can't go through with his baptism and the lessons anymore. Elder Fauchier put on this face like he was gonna cry. He just made all these vague excuses that I couldn't really understand. So I basically said it's ok I understand it's your decision..etc So we said our goodbyes but I told him I would come by his house the next day to pick up the book of mormon cartoons I let him borrow. (Which he loves) So we went the next day and he acted awkward. I asked if he watched the dvds he said "No it's ok...I'm done.." So I put them in my bag and he said he had to go. But first he said he had a fairwell gift for me. I opened it and it was a box of cinnabon cereal. (which i love(:) Then he said "This was all a joke.." I said "What was a joke.." He went on to tell me him and Fauchier had been planning this forever! I was like "What!?" I couldn't even believe Elder Fauchier could pull that kind of acting off! I was so shocked and confused. Then that turned into hysterical laughter. I said "Wait what about the dvds?" He was like "Yea give me those back!" I thanked him for the greatest prank anyone has ever done to me. hahaha.
So this week cross your fingers for Jane and Roger. Rogers' baptism is supposed to be on Friday and Janes' on Saturday. Jane has completely stopped smoking so we are very happy for her. This could be my last week here so I hope all goes well so I can be here to see these baptisms.
Enjoy your week my friends!
Love, Elder Hale

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