Monday, July 22, 2013

Craziest Week

So last week as you know I had a nice visit to Barbados so I could come to Trinidad and drive. When I got off the plane on Tuesday a random missionary asked me "So when are you flying to Guyana?" I said "What did you just say?!!!" He looked puzzled and said "You need to talk to the assistants.." Haha and then the assistants told me I need to talk to President Mehr. President Mehr called me Wednesday morning and told me he is changing my transfer call.... drum roll.... I GO GUYANA!!! I am serving in a place called New Amsterdam in Guyana as a Zone Leader with Elder Parisot from Tuscon AZ. I am totally stoked! So my plane was set for Saturday.

I got to be a JCAP for a few days and drive missionaries to their areas and to the airport. It was a lot of fun. Except on Thursday Elder Contreras gave me wrong directions and we got lost. We ended up like 30 minutes away from the apartment and we didn't get back til 10:45. To make matters worse the phone wasn't working and it was pouring rain. It was quite exciting. 

The best part of the week was Roger's Baptism! I was sooo happy he made it to this point. Apparently his Mom gave him a really hard time but he still went through with it. I could see a difference in him at his baptism and the spirit was strong. Afterwards we celebrated with Bake and Shark! 

So I flew to Guyana Saturday morning and didn't get in til about 8:30 because of all the flight delays. And I still don't got my bag. I went to church in Georgetown Guyana in a very beautiful new building they have. They talk funny. It's "chorch." I just arrived in Berbice about an hour and a half ago. There is like all kinds of farm animals running around. People have donkeys pulling them in carts. And the currency here is 200 Guyanese dollars to 1 US dollar. That's monopoly money! I don't got any good pics yet but I will next week. This place is a lot different then Trinidad. It is 10x more third world. But it's gonna be loads of fun for that very reason. 

Peace and prosperity mon!

Love, Elder Hale

Roger's Baptism

Bye to Roger

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