Monday, February 24, 2014

Fantastic in Truth

Well it's been a fantastic in truth.. That's some west indian lingo. They say "in truth" or "for truth" after everything. Except it sounds like "troot" Example the other day this guy said, "That fruit makes a rale nice juice for troot!" haha you would have to hear it to appreciate it.
We had great success with the people we are teaching. Pres and Sis Mehr were in town for District Conference and I guess we were the only ones brave enough to have them come out teaching with us. No one else likes to teach in front of President Mehr. haha. So we picked them up at the Marriot hotel and took them by Mr. Coffee Black the cool Rasta man. This guy has tons of questions about everything because he has a lot of different views. But he still is open and is really searching for the truth. My favorite part was when Coffee was complaining about a lot of the churches he sees were the people basically put on a fashion show and gossip about eachother. He said that's what first attracted him about our church. President Mehr told him that none of that will matter in the end.."Your rasta hairs will go into the ground and turn to dust, my gray hairs will go into the ground and turn to dust.." It was super funny. It was great to have the master teacher out with us. Coffee brought his wife and kid to churchon Sunday and we had some great discussions in the classes.
Another wonderful success has been Debra. She is the sweetest lady ever. We've become very close to her after all our visits. She is so open and has been praying and praying about everything. Her husband has read some ridiculous stuff about the church. We had already prepared her by telling her that she would hear those things. I always prepare them for that because there isn't one person I've taught that doesn't hear something from someone once they start to progress. Opposition always comes.. So she had a little doubt but she kept soaking in everything. I knew her answer was coming soon because she was definitely praying with a sincere heart and real intent. So we promised her that she would have her answer any day now. The next time we came she told us of all these spiritual experiences she had reading the Book of Mormon and even seeing visions. She told us she prayed about Joseph Smith and she got her answer. She felt the calm assurance from the Holy Ghost that "He was a man of God." Now comes the next hard part.. She is super active in her church and they need her in the choir. She's just trying to get the courage to tell them because she has been in that church her whole life. We went to her service on Sunday after our church. It was interesting.. The pastor called us out as we sat in the back.. He said. "I'm not talkin about The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints!!" "I'm talkin about the Church of God!!!" Yea nice guy. But we enjoyed ourselves it was an eye opening experience.
Jalisa is also coming along great she has us come every night and just asks all the questions she wants. We have been teaching her about the priesthood and she is connecting all the dots. She is gaining a testimony and it's scaring her a little because she like Debra is very involved in her church. We also visited her church on Saturday. That's the Seventh Day Adventists. The people were very kind and the organization of the church is similar to ours. Rumour has it that Ellen G. White was a Mormon then she left because she couldn't have the priesthood. So all the similarities make a lot of sense... Boy you should see people's faces when we walk into their church! haha. I don't know if MJ could've got that kind of attention. But yea great people very kind. I have gained a lot of appreciation for our church and the doctrines that are taught in church. I love to have to think about deep insights, not only just learn the importance of "Praising the Lord!" It's the same with musical taste. Most people listen to what's on the radio because after a long day of work the last thing they wanna do is think deep about a song and it's lyrics. gotta go!

Sis Armstrong's famous flying fish!

My fajita's with mango salsa 
Face painting Shon-Shon

Brock sent me this jersey from Chile and my old watch!


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