Monday, February 10, 2014

"Yea, it shall be an exceedingly great transfer"

Wow this week was a blur! And so much happened and don't know where to start. I guess to start it's already been a transfer in Barbados and I only got a few more now. That is really scary I feel like I just got here. Transfer calls came and we are both staying..gladly! Elder Shariatmadari and I are working great together and I believe this transfer a lot of great things will come to pass. Yea, it shall be an exceedingly great transfer. 

We are working with this lovely lady named Deborah. She's in her 60's and belongs to a Methodist church. But she has been so great to teach she is soaking it all and is receiving answers to her prayers. She just wants to make sure this is the right thing because she has been in her church her whole life. We explained that church would help her get that answer and she would love it. On Sunday she came to church with Sis Patrick which is her long time friend. The talks and classes went really good and Deborah just loved it all she looked so happy. In the class she expressed how enlightening all the lessons have been and how grateful she is to God that she has found more truth. 

We have a lot of fun with this other girl Jalisa that loves to ask questions. She was just baptized last year but she says that she still feels like there is something missing. After our first lesson on the Restoration of the Gospel she really enjoyed it. But when we came back she said she didn't pray about it cause she was afraid of the answer she would get. She didn't want to find out that she was in the wrong place after she has already moved churches a few times. But as we talked she came to realize herself that all those experiences had led her to be where she is today and now Heavenly Father is ready to show her more. She asked the most wonderful questions about the Plan of Salvation. There was certain things that she just couldn't understand... "Just Heaven and Hell??" "What about the people that didn't know about Jesus?" Of course we taught her about the spirit world, resurrection, and kingdoms of glory. She seemed so relieved that her questions were finally answered and they felt right.

We also had a wonderful baptism after church for Nicholas Bourne and there was a lot of members there. 

Clarkson has been greatly blessed this week. He hasn't had any work for years and things in Barbados are tougher then ever now. We promised him that the Lord would take care of him if he just lives the gospel and he certainly has done that. Finally this week someone offered him work every day to do some gardening. He was thrilled!

Have a good week friends. 

You know who loves you. 

-Elder Hale

The puppet show made the papers!

Nicholas's baptism

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