Monday, February 17, 2014

I'za Mormon. I'z Know It. I'z Live it. I'z Love it.

Greetings from Barbados!
I hope you all are doing well. We had some great successes this week. We are teaching the coolest Rasta man I've ever taught. He has come to church a few times just because his small son likes to come. He doesn't believe in the Bible but believes in Salasi. Everything we have showed him in the Book of Mormon he has absolutley loved. He has all the deep questions about exaltation and the plan of salvation has been very enlightening to him.
All our other investigators progressed this week even the ones that seemed to be stuck. We got the Green family to come to church again and also Margaret who has been taught for almost a year without ever setting foot in the church. So that was big. What was bigger is that Pres and Sis Mehr were in town for District Conference and they spoke on Sunday. I'm telling you Pres Mehr has got to be the best mission president out there. His speaking is how I imagine Joseph Smith or Brigham Yound from what I have read in their discourses. He takes the deepest of subjects and makes them simple and edifying. We went back Sunday night to teach the Greens and we really felt the spirit with them. Definitely one of my favorite families I've met on my mission. I feel very blessed right now for all the success we are having right now. Other then that nothing much happened but I'm doing great, working hard, and having fun.
Elder Hale

My first planner cover voted best ever! 
The Green family (left Aleya, middle Dashanna, red top Sheryl) Elder Shariatmadari doing his hair(: Margaret with umbrella


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