Monday, February 3, 2014

Birthday in Barbados

Thanks for the Birthday wishes everyone I had a great day. We went to this nice Italian restaurant and had some pizza and gelato. Wow, I've been waiting for that my whole mission. The sisters made me some cake and I have been fed by members my last 3 or 4 meals... I was so glad it was fast sunday cause I needed a break from food. We have another baptism this week for Nikolas Bourne. He is the son of the beloved Sherry Bourne. When I first got here I guess she hadn't been to church for a year but now she is totally active and that's how Nikolas is getting baptized now. 
I think I decided that my favorite part of missionary work is tracting. That's usually what every missionary despises but I find it fun. It's exciting to call into a house and have no idea what kind of person is going to open the door. And then having to persuade them in about 3-4 sentences that the message we share is just what they need. I wouldn't call it a game but in a way it gives me that kind of satisfaction! We met some really awesome people this week and also some not so nice chaps. But I love it either way. We had this guy just screaming in our faces spit flying everywhere and we hardly had to say a word to get that reaction. There's not much that can get under my skin anymore I can tell you that. But on the other hand his friends were totally interested in what we had to say. It feels good to stand for the truth. 
Can't believe this is already the last week of the transfer! I would be devastated if I got transferred but I know it won't happen. Time is going too quick... Enjoy your week my loved ones!
Elder Hale  

the puppet show

Gelato for my bday!

my tourist look today

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