Monday, January 27, 2014

Clarkson's Baptism & Harrison's Cave

Hello friends on U.S. soil!

It has been a fantastic week! We had Clarkson's baptism and it was very nice. He is a shy guy so he didn't want to promote it too much so we just had about 10 people there and he was happy. After he came out of the water his smile never left his face which is definitely unusual for him. After the baptism he just stood and looked at this picture of Jesus for like 10 minutes straight just smiling. It's so interesting to me that such a simple act as baptism really does bring a remission of sins and changes lives. It has built my testimony to see every person that I have taught and baptized testify of the difference they feel in their life. Clarkson received the gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday and he may have been even more excited for that. The members have really welcomed him and we are now trying to help him find a job and get into better living conditions then he is now in.

We have seen some great success with other investigators we are teaching as well. We are teaching this Rasta man named Claudius he is from Dominica. He has the Rastafarian pride but he knows and loves the bible so he has been very interested in our teaching. He came to church on Sunday and entertained the members with his funny accent and Rasta mannerisms. He made us lunch after and fed us green papaya, dumplings, and hot peppers all cooked together. It tasted...natural.. He was obsessed with the doctrine of eternal marriage which he learned in the gospel principles class at church.

This morning we went to Harrison's Cave which is one of the biggest tourist sites to see here. It was so epic!!! It was the real Matterhorn! This place was stalactite-tastic! and stalagmite-tastic as well! They had a movie before that talked about how Barbados became an island and how the cave came to be. It was educational. We did the tram tour and I took tons of videos and pictures it was like some crazy dream inside there. I hope you guys can see it one day, it also reminded me of "Goonies." Pictures coming later today for this amazing site.

Have a great week!


Elder Hale

Forgot to tell you about the puppet show! It went great! We met someone at KFC that night and we saw our puppet show on the news! So my hand was on the news! woooo!!!

Clarkson's Baptism

approaching Harrison's Cave 

They had stops where you could get off the tram and get a closer look (: 

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