Monday, January 6, 2014


Happy New Year! I can't tell you everything that happened this week. Way too much. And this dumb library computer is timing me so I gotta rush. But firstly we flew from Guyana to trinidad and we had a few hours til our next flight. I ran into an old missionary friend Elder Rivers at the airport. He is going to Guyana. So we went outside the airport to get some doubles but the doubles man was not there so I got this strangers phone and called my best friend Roger! He was so shocked I called him but he rushed to the airport and took us to get some nice Trini food. He also had a present that was in a gift bag and everything. A new tie! And boy would it come in handy...(forshadowing) But it was so great to see Roger.
So we made it to Barbados but our bags did not. I came a little prepared for that knowing this airline LIAT. lord I am trouble. I stole joke from an old man. But I had a few extra pairs of clothes so I've just been washing those. And I got two ties I've been using. I still don't got my luggage yet but it sounds like the Trinidad missionaries figured it out and it will get here tomorrow.
But Barbados is the bomb! I seriously love it more than I thought. It meets the high expectation I had before I came out. I ended up loving Trinidad but it wasn't what I thought it would be. But yea this is real island life. I see the beach pretty much everywhere I go. We get up every morning and take a nice 10 minutes jog to the beach. (I'll have to send pics later) I have seen more caucasion people today them I've seen my whole mission.. not including other missionaries.
All the people I have met here have been super nice. The funniest thing that happened was this lady came up to us and said she knows this girl who has always wanted to meet the missionaries so we said sweet let's go meet her. So we go to this apartment and knock on the door. This little girl answers it and the lady told her to go get her sister Aleya. So this girl comes out and just screams and runs out of the room. We were like "What did we do?" Apparently she ran and hid under her sheets in her bed. Her mom came out and was like "She's just nervous cause this is her first time meeting.." then she pointed to us. We were like "White people?" hahaha. She said yea her daughter adores white people it was hilarious.
What else... I get a car! And there is so many roundabouts here it's just ridiculous. This old lady said something hilarious the other day. She referred to her granddaughter as a "Jap". I asked why she's a Jap. She said "Because you never know what she's gonna do!"
The Branch here is great they got a great chapel and the members are very seasoned. Sis Cadette from Haiti had us over for lunch and she cooks amazing!
Don't let me forget my new comp Elder Shariatmadari. He is really cool we have a lot of fun together. He grew up in seatle but moved to Utah more recently.
Alright love you all gotta go!
Elder Hale

bye bye Bachus family

Roger and I

Roger at the airport 
run to the beach

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  1. Seeing this post reminds me of my days in the Black Rock Branch on Barbados 20 years ago!