Monday, December 30, 2013

Goodbye Guyana, Hello Tropical Paradise!

Dearest Everyone,

Christmas was pretty great. It was refreshing to skype the family and remember that I really do have one. haha. Your emails do help but I would never know if some imposter chimpanzees had hacked your emails and decided to write me posing as you. If that is the case they sure do know how to uplift and inspire me(: But in all seriousness you all look amazing and it was great to hear what's going on in your lives. 

Christmas day we went and played games at the orphanage. We had candy and toys to give them as well. To be there is a bit humbling. They are so happy just to have us there. Wish I could visit them more often. If you are wondering what I ate for Christmas see the picture below. Mashed potatoes and gravy, ham, jello, corn, green beans, lasagne, peach pie, cherry pie etc.. You would laugh to see the Guyanese missionaries just kind of play with their food. A nibble here, and nibble there...They just want rice! It's pretty funny. 

So transfer calls came on Friday and mine came early. Elder Carter called me in the morning and told me I needed my police report. Keep in mind this is in his North Carolina southern accent. He asked "Did you get the word?" "You are one of the ones moving.." ....."You're going to Barbados.." I was laughing hard because everyone knows that transfer calls are supposed to be confidential til president or the assistants call. I said thanks for the early transfer call and he was like "Just act surprised when they call you." Haha. So sure enough the assistants called and had me guess where I was going and I blew them away with my prophecy that I would serve in Barbados(: My time in Guyana has been great and very quick. But I'm ready to go from this smelly place (which I love) to a tropical paradise. I think I can handle that.. No more cold showers!!! No more mud! But there's much that will be missed. Guyana is kinda like that old beat up truck that everyone loves. Better yet my VW Bus. 

Hope you all have a fantastic New Year. Did you make some resolutions? Hope they make it past week 1. Here's my New Years message. "Remember Lot's Wife.." Love you all. 


Elder Hale

ps. To add to what I said about people here loving Home Alone. The other day a member told us that there little two year old son Justin said to their neighbour across the street "Merry Christmas you filthy animal!" 

Bye bye Benjamin family.. Bye Bye BBQ. Roy the BBQ man hooked me up for my last meal with an extra piece of chicken, a bottle of his sauce, and the secret recipe!!! 

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