Monday, December 2, 2013

Wonderful Thanksgiving

Dear friends and fam,

Sorry I don't got much time this week because I was writing to you all personally! But I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I got my two most important dishes..Candied yams and pumpkin pie. 

So the coolest thing that happened this week is I basically did all the cooking and baking for a birthday party. haha. It was Elder Tillotson's Birthday on Sunday and also our good friend Vicky's Bday. So I got this genius idea that I would get my BBQ man's secret sauce and make BBQ pizza. He loves us so he gladly handed over the secret sauce. We also put on onions and bacon and I tell you this pizza was the best that I've had! I can't remember a pizza that made so much joy come to my soul. And the best part was it was made by my own hands. haha. We also made the Birthday cakes and they looked beautiful. So much so that Patricia (Vicky's girlfriend) asked us to make the cake for her wedding. haha! I know it's unbelievable... 

My spiritual high of the week was my fast of gratitude. I thought that it would be good for me to fast to show Heavenly Father I am grateful for everything I have. And as I did I felt so happy and uplifted. I can see with greater clarity all the blessings I have and I feel rich. 

Enjoy the Christmas season! 


Elder Hale

Half bbq half normal sauce mmm..

Vicky, Patricia, and neighbor kid

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