Monday, December 9, 2013

Brother Thakoor

Hey Everyone!

This was a quick week.. I'd say the coolest thing about this week is the new first counsellor Brother Thakoor. He is a man that has not been able to read his whole life. Before I got here the missionaries taught him to read the Sacrament prayer so he could bless the Sacrament. We have continued to help him learn out of the Church's learning book "Ye Shall Have My Words" and it has been amazing! He got called to be first counsellor two weeks ago and he has conducted the last two meetings and actually read everything. Everyone knows him and they are shocked to see him up there reading like that. Since he has gotten this calling I told Elder Tillotson I can see a huge difference in him. He looks so much more happy. Yesterday he talked about how before this calling he would just come to church for one to two hours then go home. He wasn't very active. Now he said when he is in the church he feels so much love towards everyone there. Now he is super active and on the ball with everything. I want to make a Mormon Message about him. That's what church callings are all about! You can see a picture of him below as we went out and did visits. He is the indian man on the left. 

The other picture is when we went out visiting with some of the young single adults. We also made some more pizza this week with the Bennie family. Their little kids had a lot of fun and the pizza was really thick! Too much yeast! But it still tasted good. 

So I am flying to Trinidad for the meeting on Wednesday and I'm way excited. So that's about all that will happen this week. 

I love you all and have a Merry Christmas!



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