Monday, January 13, 2014

Spiritual Boost

It has been an awesome week. Elder Shariatmadari and I are just having a wonderful time and seeing lots of success. So the Green family is super awesome! We lent them the Prophet of the Restoration movie and they watched it like 3 times. Davida the oldest daughter was like crying apparently and she said she was so fascinated by all the sacrifices these early church members made. Our lessons with them have been filled with the spirit and they have just became great friends. On Sunday we came and picked them up and walked with them and Sis Bourne (another member) to church. Eight of the people we are teaching came to church. I think that might be the most I've had. We were overjoyed! It seems everyday we have met new people who are just so sweet. I started talking to this random lady on the street and we ended up talking for like at least 30 minutes about the gospel. She is super excited to have us come teach her. We taught this amazing couple with a newborn about the restoration/plan of salvation and they said that with the new year they had both been praying about which church they should attend and grow their family in and they absolutely want to learn more. I don't know why but everything just seems to be going just right. I'm so happy!
Zone conference was on Tuesday and it was so good to see President Mehr. He absolutley loves this work and loves the Lord. Now that I think of it the spiritual boost I got at zone conference was probably what made this week so darn good.
I had a nice morning at the beach today. We played volleyball and just enjoyed the scene. The weather has just been perfect lately. We are gonna go to the driving range after I'm done emailing.
Hope you all have a great week!
Elder Hale

Pres and Sis Mehr, Shariatmadari, and Elder Creech.

The only thing missing from this pic is a dolphin and unicorn... Check out that rainbow! haha

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