Monday, March 3, 2014

Argo Fest

Happy March everyone! (I am writing this email very slow cause I know some of you don't read so fast..) We have dubbed this the "Missionary Month of March." We made a newsletter to promote a unified fast for missionary work. Tonight we are having a fireside to talk about the goal of getting every member to get one friend to church this month. Yea I know shoot for the moon and get the stars.. We are hoping that this will bring a lot more success for the branch.
We did 3 puppet shows this week! One was for the kids at the child development center and they really loved it. Then we performed Friday and Saturday at Agro Fest. It is a huge festival in Barbados which is similar to the state fair. There was tons of people and we performed our puppet show on the main stage! It was super funny the stage was legit I would've loved to jam on it. I don't know how it's so easy to get these great gigs with puppets. Maybe I will have to incorporate some puppets into the live performance.. Maybe not... The Saturday performance was pretty funny cause it started pouring rain and everyone took cover but the missionaries doing the puppets had to stay and get soaked. It rained twice this week. Two days the first time, three days the second time. I'll send pics from Agro fest and it will tell the rest of the story.
We are having success with Jalisa. She has told us straight up that she thinks our doctrine is much better then any church and she wishes her church talked about the things we do. She admits that the only problem is she is comfortable where she is. She has made so many friends in her church and has a lot of responsibility. So right now we just got to help her get over the social concerns. She came to church yesterday and seemed to enjoy it.
This week what I have pondered on and gained a great testimony of is this: Those who are hungering and thirsting for truth will eventually have the opportunity to learn of this gospel. And beyond that they will come to know that it is true. I can't tell you how many times I show up at someone's door and they have those great questions of the soul that no one can seem to answer for them. And it's those questions that our doctrine can knock right out of the ballpark. Or sometimes it's someone hurting from sin or many other things, but either way we seem to end up at the right persons door. I love it.
Stay classy my friends.
Elder Hale

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