Monday, March 10, 2014

Solid for Truth

Dear You Guys,

This week we have had some great successes. We have found some people that are really solid for truth! We are teaching this guy Junior and because he has seen how the gospel has changed his Aunt's life he has been super receptive. He had been reading the Book of Mormon and changed a lot of things in his life before we started teaching him. He said he wants to be baptized as early as possible so we set a date for the end of the month. We met this other boss guy named Ronald and he lives in the Garden of Eden. He has every kind of fruit you can think of and he took us on this journey while he told us his life story. He was surprised after we taught him because had heard so many things about Mormons and he absolutely loved the Restoration. He talked about how he has been trying to get closer to God but has become so confused because every church he went to had something missing. He loved learning about the great apostasy and the first vision was his favorite part because he had a spiritual experience in his life that people said couldn't happen. He told us we could come everyday if we want. He is a super funny guy I think he'll make a great member.

On Saturday we an investigator to come to YSA and we had a blast playing dodge ball. It got intense as you can see in the pics. The last picture is a flying fish. They taste great! Well gotta go!


Elder Hale

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