Tuesday, August 6, 2013

So Much Opportunity

Week 3

Hello everyone! This week we did a lot of work! We have met so many people and set a lot of baptismal dates. On Sunday we went out early to go pick people up on our bikes for church. A few said they were coming but a lot of them flaked out. We woke up our investigator Andre and waited for him to get ready. He ended up being the only one to come! We had 13 people with baptismal dates! We passed by Shamee before church and he was hanging out by a friend and told us he wasn't coming cause he drank last night... So I was pretty upset with him cause he knows better. Our most progressing investigator Seon didn't come because his girlfriend called him and whatever she said made him have a mental breakdown. We went over to his house to see him blasting loud music and drinking vodka. Then he started crying and saying suicidal things... We were just wondering "What the heck happened with all these people!?"

We had Zone Conference and Elder Parisot and I taught for 30 minutes. President Mehr continues to amaze me. I feel inspired to go out and keep working hard. I am excited to work with the a lot of the people we have and there is still so much opportunity in our area. I will probably be here for a good while and I am totally ready to.

Thank you all for your emails of support!

Elder Hale

this is kevin!

my fall into the trench

random guy on the bus... haha

63 beach... the only beach of guyana

check out that beautiful water!

picture perfect

little nigel mingo

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